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1 Apr

Dinner in the Sky Returns for 3 Months this Summer in Vancouver

dinner in the sky vancouver 2018

Image sourced from Dinner in the Sky Finland Facebook page.

Last year’s extremely successful “Dinner in the Sky” event introduced Vancouver to an incredible new dining experience – 100 feet in the sky! The one-of-a-kind suspended restaurant sold out for the entire month of July and delighted diners with gourmet food, cocktails, wine, and stunning 360-degree views.

For 2018, the unique dining experience has been taken over by WESTCOAST Sightseeing, which plans to hold “Dinner in the Sky” for three months this summer. If you missed your chance to dine in the sky last year, there are plenty of opportunities to try it in 2018!

To kick the season off, a new central location will be announced soon along with a local chef who will oversee culinary decisions and creations for the upcoming season. Of course, you couldn’t have food without delicious drinks, so there will also be a mixologist and sommelier to enhance and complement guests’ dining, viewing and pampering experiences.

dinner in the sky vancouver 2018

Image from Dinner in the Sky

“Dinner in the Sky” serves 22 guests with four staff including the chef and one designated safety lead. Guests can enjoy a 360-degree view with secure, comfortable rotating and reclining seating. The popular venue will offer eight to ten breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, and other experiences each day, as well as themed special events, weddings and other private celebrations. The venue will include a premium reception lounge for check-in and pre- and post-dining beverages, appetizer and dessert.

For Dinner in the Sky, guests are lifted over 150 feet off the ground by a giant 200 foot crane to see the city in a way that they’ve never seen it before. The 360 degree unobstructed view will be worth the extra cash you’ll be throwing down for the most exclusive dining reservations in the city.

If you still have questions about the event, the organizers have an extensive FAQ section that even answers the most important question of all – “What if I have to go to the bathroom?” Safety precautions are taken very seriously, so there’s no chance of falling out of your chair.

Dinner in the Sky Vancouver will begin mid-June and run until August. If you’re curious to try it or have a summer birthday that needs an extra-special celebration, 2018 pre sale tickets are available now. Hint: you can also save 25% when you enter code SKY25 on checkout.

If you’re afraid of heights, this might not be the dinner party for you. For everyone else, climb aboard and enjoy the most memorable meal you will ever have!

What do you think of Dinner in the Sky? Would you be able to try it? Let us know in the comment section below!

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