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4 Feb



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    We all know that special dining experiences are only half about the food – the company is also of utmost importance. The increasingly beloved and buzzed-about Dishcrawl is an ingenious idea that utilizes the genius of social networking and combines it with a real-life pursuit of food happiness…

    Dishcrawl is operational in several of the North America’s best foodie cities, including Portland, Oregon, the Bay Area, and of course, Montreal. The idea is that they host monthly get-togethers for like-minded participants in different parts of town (e.g. Chinatown) and, occasionally, themes such as chocolate or croissants. As Montreal “Dishcrawl Ambassador” Anastasia Sudetic puts it, Dishcrawl is “like a pub crawl with food”. Enough said?

    They’ve also structured past events along the recommendations of popular local food bloggers, such as Food Guy Montreal and Massayam Samaha and Sweetspot correspondent Vanessa Muri. Again, we repeat, they’re all about being dialed-in and hooked-up.

    For January’s event, which will take place on January 31, Dishcrawlers will be discovering several Old Port restos- a perfect ‘hood for some cozy winter feasting and getting us out of the house and into our beautiful city despite the chilly weather. Some of the locations must remain secret, but they’ve given us a sneak peak of some locations on the crawl—see below.

    They chose the Old Port because “there are so many great places there, and the restaurants all have this cozy, warm, and inviting atmosphere,” Sudetic says. “It’s a part of town that you can walk into a random restaurant and without expecting it you’ll find the best tartare, or mix of sweet and salty foods that you yourself might hesitate to put together, yet it’s an absolute delight.”

    So where exactly will the crawl take us this time? To Sesame, a restaurant Sudetic has noticed “pays a lot of attention to the quality of ingredients” and Grange, which is, she says, “great at putting a unique spin on old classics.” Where else will the crawl of dishes take us? That’s a well-guarded secret that you’ll have to sign up to find out…



    Dishcrawl Montreal, January event: Tuesday, January 31, 6:30 p.m.


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