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19 Jun

Do Your Thing in MTL: Comedian DeAnne Smith’s Mile End Love Song

When putting together a list of LGBT stars to be apart of the performance series Do Your Thing in MTL, we needed to find someone who was A) Lesbian B) Hilarious and C) Adorable. DeAnne Smith came riding in on a litter of kittens and wrote us the little ditty “Mile End Love Song”… Go ahead and sing along!

When DeAnne Smith does her thing in Montreal, she’s just strolling the streets of the Mile End, strumming on her ukelele, and singing songs that make people laugh. DeAnne Smith is a working comedian who personally tickles every person who frequents her shows. Blessed with the voice of a lesbian Justin Bieber, DeAnne likes to sing songs about life and love. We asked her about the things she loves in Montreal, her favourite festivals, and how she connects the community through laughter:

Just look at how cute she is! Are you in love? We are…*Strokes computer screen* DeAnne came to Montreal many years ago, having longed as a baby lesbian to move to the big francophone city from her original home in upstate New York. Since then she has made big waves on the comedy circuit, has done Just For Laughs multiple times, made appearances all over the world, and even went on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson!


Above is a shot from the set of Do Your Thing in MTL! The whole crew got to hang out with DeAnne on the picturesque streets of the Mile End, sip some of the best coffee in Montreal at Cafe Olympico, smell the fresh flowers from the local florist, and then watch the neighbourhood hipsters ride around on fix wheels. It was the quintessential Mile End day!


DeAnne will be doing Just For Laughs again this year in her show called “Stand Up / Strip Down” which gay marries stand up comedy with burlesque. As she puts it: Jokes and boobs. Well at least she has one of those, with Miss Sugarpuss providing the other. Almost free of charge, tickets are available on the Just For Laughs website. Want to learn more about the beautiful place known as the “Mile End” DeAnne sings about in her song? Check out a guide here!

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