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4 Jun


Queer MTL is officially launching Do Your Thing in MTL with a kiss! A big gay pimpin’ French Kiss from singer-songwriter-rapper-comedian Jonny McGovern. Do Your Thing in MTL is a video series that features some of the best LGBT talent around in Montreal just being themselves and doing their thing! Check out what Jonny “Gay Pimp” McGovern got up to during his time in Montreal…


Jonny “Gay Pimp” McGovern rose to fame for his funny and provocative gay club dance hits like Dickmatized and Sexy Nerd. So it was only natural that when Jonny came to Montreal he would write and perform an original song just for the city. Using Montreal cuisine, culture, nightlife and local hot gays as his inspiration, French Kiss was born.


Jonny’s trip to Montreal included a day full of shooting at iconic Montreal landmarks like Poutine heaven La Banquise, Avenue Mont-Royal, Park Laurier, and the Bilboquet Ice Cream shop with our amazing extras Jimmy, Leo, Eric, Jean-Francois, and Robert. After a brief nap at Hotel Le Crystal to recuperate, Jonny checked out what the Montreal gay strip clubs had to offer. (Lots of poles, rock hard abs, and bouncy butts.)

In his interview with the infamous Bugs Burnett, Jonny opens up about how Gay Pimp was born in a response to homophobia, what he loves about Montreal, and his favorite places to play when he’s in town! Ready to french kiss in Montreal? You can download a free copy on iTunes, then get in on the action by finding your own set of lips to kiss in a city full of gay fun!

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