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2 Feb

Everyone’s cup of tea: the tea houses of Montréal


While the influence of the coffee-centric Parisian café looms large over Montréal, some of the city’s finest sipping spots are its teahouses. Coffee might get you up and out of bed, but a cup of tea is for chatting and relaxing, or reading and reflecting. Largely tucked away in secret in-the-know spots of respite and recharge, Montréal’s tea café culture is quietly gaining steam.

Make time for tea this weekend. #WHPcandid

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Perfectly situated for a  tea break after a wander through Parc LeFontaine, Le Parloir is a bona fide English tearoom nestled along a charming residential street in the Plateau. The friendly staff and local customers lend Le Parloir a neighbourhood feel unique in Montréal.

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