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2 Dec

Evolution of Skiing In Whistler – Nov.28



Whistler Museum Launches New Exhibit “The Evolution of Skiing”.

The Whistler Museum is proud to announce the launch of our brand new exhibit “The Evolution of Skiing.” The museum has been closed since mid-October as we have been renovating and updating almost half of our exhibit space, making this our most significant exhibit upgrade in over 3 years. The project was made possible thanks to generous support from the Whistler-Blackcomb Foundation.

Whistler’s meteoric rise from an isolated community to one of North America’s pre-eminent mountain resorts is an inspiring, influential, and highly entertaining story. Our new exhibit shares many aspects of this fascinating transformation. We have transformed the space to resemble that most nostalgic winter setting, the ski cabin.

Within the retrofitted space we have a whole slew of new informative panels, display cases full of artifacts, interactive components, and some pretty big surprises that we just can’t wait to share. We don’t want to give away all our secrets, so you’ll just have to come and see them for yourselves!

While we think our new exhibit is plenty of an attraction in itself, we decided to sweeten the pot and have a full program of launch events to compliment our displays and give you even more reason to pay us a visit. Here’s a quick overview:

November 28 – Official Exhibit Launch.  We’re dying to show off our new exhibit, come check it out! There will be some short speeches by museum staff board members, but the focus for the evening will simply be exploring the additions and updates to our permanent exhibits. 6pm- 9pm. Admission will be free to all.

November 30 – Backcountry Skiers Alpine Responsibility Code. We all know the Alpine Skiers Responsibility Code, that yellow card that lists the rules to abide by when at a ski resort. Well, what about the backcountry? Increasing crowds and associated safety concerns mean a formal backcountry code of conduct may well be in order. This event will produce a draft of this code, featuring a very esteemed panel and a healthy dose of audience participation. 7-9pm. Tickets: $10/$7 museum members.

December 8 – Filming Mountains. This new event, in partnership with the Whistler Film Festival, celebrates our town’s proud history at the forefront of the ski and snowboard film industry. Heralded filmmakers will share clips and stories from the past that will entertain while giving unique insights into the filmmaking experience. 3-6pm, Tickets: $10/$7 members.

December 11 – The Whistler vs Blackcomb Debate. Without a doubt the most important topic yet to be tackled by our Whistler Debates series. With your help, this event will decide, once and for all, which is the superior mountain in this valley (and, therefore, on Earth). Heavy stuff, indeed. 6:30-9pm. Tickets: $7/$5 members.

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