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12 Sep

Fall Workshops At Whistler Arts Council


Lisa Geddes – courtesy Whistler Arts Council

Fall is just around the corner and the Whistler Arts Council (WAC) has a full lineup of workshops and classes, covering everything from drumming, dance, guitar, and yoga, to painting, drawing, and crafting.

The weekly classes launch on September 17,  and range in format from drop-in to ongoing skill-building. They are divided into age categories for children, youth, and adults. Even infants can participate with Poptart Art, a creative drop-in class that builds fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Some of the classes, like YogArt, where children do theme-based yoga and art projects, double up on disciplines, giving participants the exposure to a holistic sense of development. Many classes foster more than one skill, sometimes without students even knowing it. Participants in Fun With Percussion will gain more than drumming skills and knowledge of percussion instruments; they will build confidence, and develop awareness of world music.

WAC selected renowned and locally celebrated professionals to instruct the classes, and participants can expect to be led by some of the industry’s finest artists and musicians, like Vancouver Opera Orchestra member Lauri Lyster, and Whistler artists Chili Thom and Lisa Geddes. WAC also enlisted Sue Stearns, a celebrated Pemberton musician, to bring her Chicks With Picks guitar program to Whistler. Costs range from $12 to $50 a session. For detailed information and class schedules, visit

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