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8 Nov

Famous on the Internet? Come to the #WhistlerTweetUp

*The following conversation did not happen but is based on one recognizably similar.

“Hi, my name is @JeremyPostal and I’m super nervous to check out the @WhistlerBlckcmb #WhistlerTweetUp. It sounds like it’s going to be a room full of people who are great on the internet but terrible in person.”

“What?! No way.” replied @Leishner, the voice behind the @WhistlerBlckcmb and @Crankworx social media channels. “The #WhistlerTweetUp is kicking off the Whistler après season by throwing a party for all of our Twitter followers. We have a huge following of people and we want to connect with them the old-fashioned way – offline and in real life!”

“Après, I can do that…and you guys are hooking everyone up with drinks and food I hear? I know about 3000 malnourished snowboarders amped on that news.”

“Umm. Well this is for our @WhistlerBlckcmb community, people who engage with us in the Twittersphere.”

“Gotchya. Well I’m still nervous, it sounds nerdy.”

“Don’t be. @MikeDski is going to be the microphone controller and he’s about as cool as they get. He’ll keep the agenda rolling and be hooking people up with some pretty sweet prizes.” @Leishner continues, “Everyone who has a Twitter handle hiding behind a computer screen is a real person and it will be interesting to engage with those people who do play with us here at @WhistlerBlckcmb and do know us well, but over après. There is something cool about gathering our online community.”

“Nice. Free drinks, food, prizes, and actually connecting with people…sounds like a no-brainer.”

“Yeah, not to mention there are a ton of #awesome Whistler locs Vancouver tweeps planning to attend who are even better in real life than they are on Twitter. Last year we had the likes of @BradenD, @unofficialwhis, @andrewstrain, @CallumJelley (who tweeted all the way from Indonesia!), @axelapalooza, @H2orules, @Miss604, @VanCityAllie, @VanCityBuzz and of course the @WIAwesome crew, just to name a few.

“Alright. So what are the details?”

WHO: Twitter users engaged with @WhistlerBlckcmb social channels.

WHAT: Après

WHEN: 3pm-6pm, Saturday November 24


HOW: Tweet @WhistlerBlckcmb and let’em know you’re planning to be there or RSVP at the Whistler Blackcomb Facebook page.

Here’s a little more on @Leishner, also known as Sarah Leishman, the face and voice behind Whistler/Blackcomb’s social channels:

I grew up in Beaumont, Alberta, spending my winters skiing and snowboarding at Rabbit Hill.  I moved to Calgary to build on a career I fell into as a snowboard coach, until I realized I was nearly the same age as the athletes I was coaching and representing at the NorAm and World Championship levels.  I chose to walk away from my life as a full time coach and move to Whistler four years ago to experience what it was like to become a high performance athlete myself. For the last four years I’ve funded racing, shooting photos and coaching mountain biking with the help of my sponsors, working as a full time ski patroller on Whistler Mountain and  working at Fanatyk Co in the Village. I used social media to tell my own story as an athlete and coach so the next logical step for me was to work as a public relations professional in the ski and mountain bike industry (I did a lot of PR work as a coach in promoting my own athletes and programs and went to school for a little while for PR at Mount Royal College). I am a Norco Bicycles athlete but am also, now recently, the Public Relations and Social Media Specialist for Whistler Blackcomb and Crankworx!

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