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13 Nov

Favourite Moments from Cornucopia Whistler 2012

Sadly, this year’s Whistler Cornucopia has come to an end. It’s now time to sober up, get back to your regular eating schedule, and reflect back on all the stellar moments from the last five days.

Now I have to admit, my  memory is a little foggy after five days of wine, wine, bubbles, and then more wine. However, I was able to conjure up a favourite moment from each event I attended.

Whistler Cocktail Competition Hosted by Alta Bistro

Favourite Moment: I was lucky enough to be a judge for this competition. It doesn’t get more ‘favourite’ than tasting eight different cocktails from Whistler’s best bartenders. The winning drink, “Potato Revival” from Scot at Alta Bistro was definitely a highlight. Ask for it next time you dine at Alta Bistro.

“The Muddle” also at Alta Bistro

Favourite Moment: Dining with strangers. We were seated at a table of eight, and all with people we’ve never met before. I love meeting new people and there were a few couples visiting from Vancouver, specifically to experience this Cornucopia dinner. Such a memorable dinner, both due to the company and the food!

Best of VINOS

Favourite Moment: The After Party. Most people had a pretty good buzz going on from “House Party” earlier that evening (which I sadly missed out on), so everyone definitely in the mood to party after the short films had finished. We were mesmerized by Go-Go Dancers and all conversations seemed to revolve around them.

Eau de Vie – A Spirited Affair

Favourite Moment: Seeing the transformation of the Fifty-Two 80 from a hotel lounge to an insane night club. Also, the Patron margaritas were out of this world crazy delicious.

High Rollers

Favourite Moment: Gambling with fake money is actually really exciting. You still feel the rush from ‘putting it all on the line’, but you’re still in a good mood if when you loose (I still lost everything playing Black Jack). Also, seeing my friend Kourtney dressed as a giant peacock was also quite memorable.

What Did Chardonnay Ever Do to You? 

Favourite Moment: Actually learning something about wine. These seminars are really fun and I will definitely be attending more of them next year. Tasting The Mission Hill Perpetua was definitely a high light for me.


Favourite Moment: Seeing familiar faces. Heather Odendaal from Constellation Brands, pours at almost every Cornucopia event (this girl was everywhere). She’s definitely the best wine rep I know and you seek her out at the next wine tasting you attend. She was pouring some “See Yah Later Ranch” at CRUSH and it was definitely one of the most popular booths in the building.

Bubbles Oceans at Araxi

Favourite Moment: Ummmm…..definitely the endless glasses of bubbles. We drank sparkling wine for four straight hours (enough said). At one point, I was even helping pour some bubbles (don’t tell anyone). Also, the desserts, like the salted toffee, were crazy delicious.


Favourite Moment: Bubble-icious was definitely the best ‘hair of the dog’ that Cornucopia had to offer. We tasted bubbles along side an amazing couple from Vancouver, who were extremely knowledgable on food and wine (he was a chef and she was an event planner).  The Segura Viudas Brut Rose was a favourite of our table.

Night Market

Unfortunately, I was not able to attend the Cornucopia “Night Market” due to some car accidents and road closures on the highway (if you haven’t gotten your snow tires yet, what are you waiting for!?!).

I’d love to hear your favourite moments from Night Market and all other events you attended during this year’s Cornucopia. Comment below with your favourite moments and let us know what your most looking forward to attending at next year’s Cornucopia Whistler 2013!

Cheers everyone!

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