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31 Aug

First comes baby, then comes marriage….

There is a good reason behind my recent sabbatical from the mommy blog. I imagine myself writing that it’s due to our marvelous month in Europe, immersed in the culture, culinary delight, and lots of local wine…but it’s not. My lack of attendance has been due to me scrambling to plan our summer wedding with our nine-month old daughter, Addie (aka the Baby Maid of Honour).

Technically, I had a year to plan; realistically, I started working on it five months prior to the date. Other then securing the venue a year ago, I imagined what our wedding would look like, but my days were filled with breastfeeding, pumping, burping, pooping and convincing Addie that babies do in fact nap longer then 30 minutes. When the invitations went out (late) and the RSVP’s started rolling in, it was crunch time, and I couldn’t have done it without the help of friends and wedding experts who live in our community.

Photo: Anastasia Photography

Photo: Anastasia Photography

Our wedding took place at Brew Creek Centre.  We rented the picturesque venue for two nights, giving family and friends a chance to relax and get to know each other before the big day.  We made our own meals, served, and ate as a family, adding local flavours where possible. One such flavour was a selection of mouthwatering savouries and sweets from Pure Bread, laboured by owners Paula and Mark. Their innovative Almond and Chocolate Croissants, variety of scones, brioches and quality breads had our guests talking and longing for more with its classically simple composition and just enough contrast in texture to keep things interested. 

The wedding day was no different.  The reception room at the main lodge required very little decor to enhance its rustic, natural beauty.  Billies Flower House added the extra touch with succulent flower arrangements composed of full yellows, greens and whites settled in driftwood. Mason jars filled with candles sparkled throughout the evening adding a glimpse of romance while Chef Stefan Vagelatos prepared a tasty, modern meal with a unique approach to local, ingredient-driven cuisine.  A common roasted beet salad was reinvented into something original, all without becoming too complex. The main course included Pemberton Roast Beef or BC Wild Salmon accompanied by seasonal vegetables and sides, making the dishes incredibly well thought out and transforming known flavours from conventional to unique. Each dish served seemed simple, yet well conceived and executed perfectly; it went far beyond our expectations.

The finale to the meal was our wedding cake. The Blanc Fraisier vanilla cake composed of white chocolate black pepper moussaline, strawberries, and passion fruit meringue has been my sweet indulgence for years. Custom prepared by French patisserie inspired Pastry Chef, Peter Fong of Ganache Patisserie, the light and fluffy cake was a perfect ending to our wedding menu.  The only thing left to do was dance! and dance we did! busted moves fueled by Whistler Beer and Inniskillin wines.

Photo: Anastasia Photography

Photo: Anastasia Photography

Anastasia Photography

Photo: Anastasia Photography

A wedding is supposed to be the one-day in a woman’s life that is really and truly about her. The hair, the dress, and the jewels – it’s all about the bride. I must admit, in my case it was about the baby. Addie stole the show; in fact I’m sure she thought we all got dressed up and threw this party for her. Our minister and WIA’s own Jeremy Postal guided us along the way and reinforced the importance of family as we embark on this journey together. He spoke beautifully about the meaning of marriage, love and relationships, including Addie and our families in the message.

So even though we weren’t sightseeing from the Eiffel Tower or taking in art and culture at Louvre Museum, sharing our wedding day with Addie, family and friends in our home town makes it all worth it.

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