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22 Jul

Foundations of Stone

With the mercury continuing to rise, I decided to go on a little trek up to Blackcomb Peak. If you ski or board, you’re probably familiar with Body Bag, D.O.A. or other slackcountry goodies just beyond Blackcomb’s ski area boundary. But without all the snow, the terrain looks very different and reaching the summit proved more challenging than I expected.

Scrambling alongside the jagged ridge of black rock (how Black-comb got its name) was worth the effort and I was rewarded with a fantastic sunset.

Near the summit are two ice axes bolted into the side of the mountain in memory of two Whistler skiers and mountaineers, Trevor Peterson and Chris Romeskie.

The night started off relatively calm but around 3am the wind began to pick up and my tent rattled and shaked in the wind, I stayed up all night, I couldn’t fall asleep with the thought of my tent being blown away. I could only think of what possessions to grab first.


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