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25 Aug

Four 5K Fun Runs to Conquer this September in Vancouver

vancouver 5k fun runs 2014

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Just because beach season is slowly winding down as we get closer to September doesn’t mean that you have to forget about keeping that perfect beach body. In fact, Autumn is a good time to start training without having to worry about passing out from heat exhaustion.

A great way to get into running to keep it fun and rewarding is by entering into one of the many fun 5K runs that are happening in Vancouver. These runs usually involve good times, free swag, and a little bit of exercise to boot. Below we’ve listed four 5K runs that put the “fun” back into fitness:

Color Run Vancouver 5k Fun Runs

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The Color Run

Billed as the “Happiest 5K on the Planet”, the Color Run is similar to Color me Rad, but bills itself as the original paint race. Start off with a white t-shirt in this race and get doused in colour bombs and paint blasts every kilometre. Then, you’ve got an unforgettable Finish Festival with music, dancing, massive colour throws, and more excitement to keep up your runner’s high!

The Color Run is being held on September 13, 2014 in Vancouver. Tickets cost $60 for individual runners and $55 per person if you’re on a team. The run will be held at the Pacific National Exhibit starting at 9:00am, and the run benefits Kidsport Vancouver.

Vancouver Night Race 2014

Image courtesy of The Vancouver Night Race

Vancouver Night Race

Running through Stanley Park after dark isn’t something that’s usually a good idea. However, on September 26, the Vancouver Night Race takes runners through Stanley Park to create a moving celebration of light — continuing on the the post race party. In the Vancouver Night Race, every participant will receive an LED Headlight and t-shirt, so you’ll be able to see where you’re going!

If you’re ready for a 10K, you could also try that — or just go for the easier 5K run/walk. The event is held in Stanley Park on Friday, September 26, 2014 at 7:00pm. It costs $60 to participate, benefitting the Starlight Children’s Foundation.

neon run vancouver

Run or party? Why not both! Image courtesy of the Neon Run |

Neon Run

The Neon Run is definitely unique in the 5K fun run category because this one is held at night. It’s an event filled with epic lighting, neon, costumes and EDM music blasting throughout the entire race. This race feels more like a party than a jog to be honest, and you will hardly even feel like you’re getting exercise because the energy is sure to be electric.

The Neon Run Vancouver is being held on September 27, 2014 in the Cloverdale Rodeo Grounds. Entry costs $54.00 (but it’s only $48 until August 27th!). The run is benefiting the Keep a Breast movement.

Vancouver mud run

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Unbridled Mud Trials

The Unbridled Mud Trials is a 5km mud race that has 22 obstacles that’ll get you a little dirty. While other events might get hampered by the rain, this race only gets better. Think of it as a 5K with a free mud facial!

The Unbridled Mud Trials takes place on September 27, 2014 in Chilliwack. For $60 you’ll get a t-shirt, timing chip, finishing medal, and fun!


Note: If you were interested in running the 2014 Vancouver Electrodash, sadly it looks like the event has been cancelled this year. Here’s hoping that it comes back in 2015!

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