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8 Jul

French pastry shop Maison Christian Faure

Christian Faure

It’s been almost a year since Maison Christian Faure made its home inside a 300-year old beautifully renovated grey stone building in Old Montreal. The sophisticated and elegant French-style pastry shop has made a name for itself as one of the best sweet spots in Montreal…

Pastry chef Christian Faure, is the recipient of several prestigious awards including France’s highest culinary honour of Meilleur ouvrier de France [MOF] in ice cream confection. Montreal is very lucky to count him among our purveyors of fine sweet things. The maison itself counts several floors dedicated to the many facets of the pastry profession. Shall we go on a tour?


The basement: the production

This is where all the magic happens! From early on each morning until late in the day, a team of dedicated chefs and cooks are busy as bees working on all the crispy, flaky, delicate and delicious savoury and sweet confections that the house specializes in. It all starts at around 4 am when the croissants are rolled, proofed and then baked while most of the city is still asleep just so we lucky lot can grab a fresh, warm one on your way to the office in the morning.


The 1st floor: the boutique and snacking chic™ café

The prominent pastry display that welcomes you when you first walk in holds row after row of mouth watering gâteaux and pastries, including elegant classics like mille-feuilles, éclairs and the best praline Paris-Brest this side of Paris to more seasonal desserts like fresh fruit tarts – the passion fruit and raspberry tart is a must – and maple confections. There are basketfuls of buttery brioches, delicate madeleines and canelés and flaky croissants and chocolatines. The refrigerator full of iced treats showcases chef Faure’s ice cream specialization. The intricate wedding cakes and sugar sculptures on display demonstrate another aspect of the house’s many talents, not the least of which also includes the excellent service provided by the entire staff.

You can certainly grab a treat to go but you can also sit down in the modern dining room and enjoy it sur place. Maison Christian Faure also offers a savoury “snacking chic™” menu that changes seasonally. From elegant club sandwiches to fine vegetable tarts and quiches to the now famous large chou stuffed with lobster and crab, all the snacking options are delicious and beautifully plated. A weekend brunch is also available with options like eggs Benedict, French toast and more.


The 2nd floor: the demo room

Chef Faure’s philosophy and generosity centers around the transfer of knowledge to a younger generation. With this in mind, the 2nd floor is dedicated to demos, whether for a more professional crowd of students enrolled in the pastry school or more informal ones for amateurs.


The 3rd floor: the pastry school

The Christian Faure pastry school is the first international school dedicated to French pastry in Canada. The 3rd floor has been fitted with the latest state-of-the-art equipment and the six-month program is divided into monthly specializations (chocolate, ice cream, pastry, etc.) all taught by Meilleurs Ouvriers de France accomplished chefs. The school also offers professional modules, “serious amateurs” classes, singles mix-up pastry classes, courses for children as well as a summer camp session.


4th floor: the reception rooms

The 4th floor of the building has been fitted to accommodate two modern reception rooms, with beautiful views of the Old Port and Place Royale. These are perfect for business meetings, receptions or press conferences with the added bonus of having your event catered by the house.



Maison Christian Faure, 355 Place Royale, (514) 508-6453

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