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18 Oct

Fresh Snow, Fresh Gear

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Posted by: Feet Banks

With snow dusting the mountain tops again, the stoke continues to build in Whistler. And while there are many way to get excited for the upcoming ski and snowboard season, nothing beats brand new gear.

Peeling the plastic off a new snowboard or meticulously detuning the tips and tails of a brand new pair skis is a surefire way to tap into that reservoir of child-like excitement of fun-soon-to-come. The joy of true Anticipation shines every time a kid sleeps with a new snowboard or ‘tests’ new skis on the living room carpet. And as winter draws nearer, she brings out the kid in all of us.

“I used to set my skis up at home and click in barefoot,” says Whistler ripper (and star of the internet video sensation “Sh*t Skiers Say”) Reed Speedman. “I’d do full jump-grabs, barefoot killing it in the living room. I remember my family trying to watch TV and not being too hyped on that. Or the time I did it with old skis that had rusty edges that marked up the carpet.”

LEFT: Fresh new boards. RIGHT: Reed Speedman – from the living room to the slopes. Jeff Schmuck photo.

Reed’s pre-season stoke even sometimes included new gear. “I remember when I was 15, I got a pair of Rossi Pows, fresh in the wrapper. I usually got hand-me-downs from my brothers so I was so stoked. I felt like (Rossignol pro at the time) Evan Raps.” New gear is key but FREE new gear takes the cake and you don’t need to be an internet superstar like Reed to experience the magic of anticipation and new gear this winter.

K2 and the #WhistlerUnfiltered project are teaming up to hook you up. Starting today (October 17, 2012) until midnight on Halloween (October 31) anyone can enter to win a brand new set up from K2 Ski or K2 Snowboarding. The winner also gets boots, bindings, a travel bag and poles (theoretically, snowboarders don’t get poles) and a $500 gift certificate for, to help kick-start the next Whistler holiday.

But Anticipation is just the beginning. The #WhistlerUnfiltered project features 5 other incredible contests including a grand-prize dream Whistler Vacation for you and three friends (and everyone gets new K2 gear in that one too).

The Anticipation contest ends October 31, 2012 with the winner drawn on November 1, but the best part is you only need to fill out the form once and you’re automatically entered in all the contests! Enter here.

And even if you don’t get new gear this preseason, don’t be embarrassed if you find yourself meticulously laying everything out and getting stoked weeks before opening weekend. Anticipation is always a good thing because eventually there will be a powdery payoff.

Blackcomb Mountain with a morning dusting of Anticipation. Jorge Alvarez photo.

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