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12 Dec

Fuel in the Tank – Whistler Breakfasts

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Posted by: Feet Banks

The rule may be “no friends on a powder day” (because why wait for some dilly-dally when you can be cranking deep turns off Harmony Ridge?) but even the keenest first-in-line Whistler local will usually take the time to eat some sort of breakfast before a big snow day in the mountains. It’s difficult to ride hard with no fuel in the tank.

“You want a balanced meal in the morning,” says Marnie Melstead, a registered dietician and Whistler chef. “And that means three of the four food groups and ideally one of them is a protein. Before the hill I’d suggest something like a whole grain granola (carb) with some frozen berries (fruit) and a big dollop of good rich Greek yogurt, which is awesome for morning because it is high in protein and sticks with you a long time.”

That recommended yogurt and granola (or local Olympian Julia Murray’s incredible Jules Fuel) is the go-to homemade breakfast for many Whistler locals but sometimes mornings can get the jump on us and when it comes down to either home-cooking or first chair on a 30cm-day… that’s an easy decision to make.

So as more snow continues to pile on top of one of Whistler’s best early seasons in recent memory, here are some good “Grab-and-Go” breakfast options prominent Whistler locals choose when they need to put the throttle down on their pre-ski day routine.

Whistler Village

“I grab a breakfast sandwich and a coffee at LIFT Coffee Co. It’s literally right beside the Whistler gondola so it’s kind of one-stop shopping.”
Ace Mackay-Smith. Event creator, ski-bum, filmmaker, writer, DJ and all-around mountain master.


“A Black Bean wrap from LIFT really fills me up and with an Americano coffee I am good for a while.”
Momme Halbe, communications director at Sherpas Cinema, makers of the best ski movies ever.


“I used to skip breakfast but these days I am keen on hitting Gone Bakery for a Super Turkey sandwich. I like eating things that have colour in them – breakfast burritos are tasty but there is something about eating food that is grey or beige.”
Garnet Clare, born-and-raised local and member of Whistler’s first hip hop group Animal Nation.

“EBCB has what they call the Slopeside Smoothy with tons of flavours. Grab a banana-strawberry, add protein powder and it’s enough to make it through to lunch. Good banana bread there too.”
Kristen Dillon, graphic designer, busy mom who still gets 30+ days a year on the hill.


“If I’m going up the ski hill it’s pretty much a given I will wake up late so a Farmer’s Sausage wrap at Moguls is essential.”
Brad Holmes is a yogurt and oatmeal enthusiast and ski/bike/lifestyle photographer.



“I’ll grab some eggs at Dusty’s Backside right by the gondy, or if I am really late or lazy I’ll hit the Husky gas station for a sausage roll or something.”
Todd Lawson, publisher at Mountain Life Magazine and world-traveling adventure photographer.


“The B.E.L.T.C.H sandwich (Bacon, Egg, Lettuce, Tomato, Ham) at the Southside Diner is a classic.”
Ace Mackay-Smith.


“I grab a cup of yogurt and granola at the Creekside Starbucks to help offset the triple Americano with mocha chocolate and whipped cream.”
Feet Banks, Whistler Insider editor.

Marketplace and North

“I’m gluten-free so I mostly eat at home but the Alpine Café at the campground has a good Heuvos Rancheros kind of thing that’s gluten-free. Mexican stuff is always good.”
Julia Vagelatos, lifelong Whistler kid and custom leather smith at Love Jules Leather.


“LIFT at Nester’s also has those same bean burritos that are fast and easy.”
Momme Halbe.


“The Mount Currie Coffee Company just opened a new location on Main street and their Chorizo breakfast wrap is the bees knees. Or non-carnivores can opt for the Grilled Veggie breakfast wrap.”
Feet Banks.


Obviously this is just a sampling and the real Insider secret breakfast is the Fresh Tracks Breakfast atop Whistler Mountain. Pre-load the Whistler gondola and pound back a buffet style fast at the roundhouse, then click in and ski two laps before anyone else even makes it to the top of the mountain.

Because regardless of what you have for breakfast, it’ll always taste better washed down with a face full of fresh pow.

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