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25 Jan

Game of Thrones Exhibition (complete with Iron Throne) Coming to Vancouver

Photo credit: lincolnsoares | Flickr

Photo credit: lincolnsoares | Flickr

Are you ready to sit on the Iron Throne?

HBO’s Game of Thrones: The Exhibition is set to return to Vancouver this August as part of the 2014 Fair at the PNE.  For fans of the fantasy TV series, scheduled to begin its fourth season in April, it’s a chance to get up close and personal with the costumes and weaponry used by the Starks, the Lannisters and other combatants in their violent struggle for control of the realm.

The display features enough goodies to leave hardcore Game on Thrones fans drooling: a selection of cloaks, dresses and armour; iconic artifacts including model dragons and eggs; an array of weapons such as crossbows, daggers, spears, hatchets and swords; House banners; crowns and headdresses; and books, letters and maps, not to mention original storyboards from the show.  In total, more than 100 items will be showcased.

But fans will be able to go beyond just gawking.  The exhibition also includes a fully immersive, interactive experience that puts visitors into the fictional world of Westeros and sees them battle for supremacy.

And, of course, there’s also a chance to take a seat on the coveted Iron Throne.  Past exhibits have seen long lines of faithful queue up for the opportunity to be photographed on the throne, which legend has it is made from the swords of vanquished kings, melted together by dragon fire.

The exhibition, which is returning to Canada for its third year, will be free with admission at this year’s PNE, the annual summer fair in Vancouver, Aug. 16-Sep. 1.

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