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27 May

Goo Alert! Thousands of Jellies Invade the Vancouver Aquarium

Photo credit: Vancouver Aquarium

Photo credit: Vancouver Aquarium

Vancouver Aquarium’s weird and wonderful new summer exhibit Jelly Invasion is now open. Thousands of gelatinous jellies in over 15 species from around the globe are drifting in tanks throughout the aquarium right now. Check out the live Jelly Cam to get a sneak peek at the mesmerizing action. Warning: This may inhibit your daily productivity.

Why should your family give a hoot about these peculiar creatures? Jellies in action are full of surprises. Take the kids and give them ample dinner conversation fodder:

Fun Jelly Facts

  • Jellies have been in the Earth’s oceans for over 650 million years; they were here before the dinosaurs.
  • They’re boneless, brainless and heartless animals.
  • They poop out of their mouths.
  • They are also some of the most dangerous animals in the world.
  • The largest jelly has a bell that can reach 2.4 metres across and tentacles that extend over half the length of a football field.
  • Jellies are delicious. Some predict they’ll be the next diet craze.
  • Jelly blooms are unusually huge aggregations of jellyfishes and comb jellies, that can tip fishing boats!

The Jelly Invasion event schedule enhances the exhibit, offering deeper, hands-on insight into jellies with a make-your-own Jelly Invasion Craft Corner and cooking demos at the Jelly Deli.

Photo credit: Vancouver Aquarium

Photo credit: Vancouver Aquarium

Navigating the Jelly Invasion Exhibit

There’s a lot to see in many different locations, so the easiest way to work it is to chat with Aquarium volunteers that can’t wait to tell you more about the fascinating world of jellies. Here’s a little break down of what’s going on where:

  • In the Treasures of the B.C. Coast Gallery you’ll be introduced to jellies and their stinging celled cousins.
  • The Tropic Zone is the place to visit if you want to learn about the role that jellies play as part of the marine ecosystem.
  • In the Pacific Canada Pavilion volunteers will cover the inner workings of these gelatinous blobs of goo.
  • Visit the Sting Station to learn everything you ever wanted to know about jellyfish stings and what to do if you get stung (hint: peeing on a sting only makes it sting worse).

Photo credit: Vancouver Aquarium

Photo credit: Vancouver Aquarium

Jelly Invasion is on at the Vancouver Aquarium in Stanley Park (845 Avison Way) all summer. Find visiting hours and ticket info here:

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