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29 Jul

Honda Celebration of Light Kicks Off This Weekend – Sneak Peek!

The Honda Celebration of Light makes its anticipated return to the skies above English Bay this Saturday as Team South Africa, represented by Fireworks for Africa, kicks off the three-day festival.

Today we had a sneak peek of what’s to come, as we toured the fireworks barge in advance to the start of the festival. The barge, located in English Bay, allows for the show to be visible in the West End, Kitsilano and part of False Creek.

Days before the festival begins, pyrotechnics work on the barge to set up tubes, otherwise known as a cannons, with gunpowder. This gunpowder contains explosive spheres called “stars” and when shot up into the sky, bursts into a firework.

Each of these cannons are also connected to an electrical wire, making the entire show launch through an electronic system. When it’s time for the show, a computer on the barge sends precise timed signals to each firework.

The Vancouver Police Department, and the Vancouver Fire Department will be on site throughout the festival.  Rain or shine, the fireworks will begin at 10:00 p.m.

There are a variety of ways to enjoy the fireworks with limited tickets available at venues like The Keg Lounge, the Concord Lounge at the Inukshuk and the family-friendly YVR Observation Deck. Those wanting to grab a blanket and head to the beach, there is plenty of free viewing spots available.

For the first time ever, all three participating countries will be required to incorporate the same theme into their fireworks display and musical accompaniment. As voted by the public, this year’s theme will be Love.

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