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9 Jul

How to Eat CUTE in Whistler

Most would not consider the “cuteness” quotient for a dining experience, but sometimes there is just no other rationale. Sure, we all know there are some epic views and vistas to be found in Whistler while indulging but some spots can only be described as cozy and cuddly.

A long time favourite for me is The Fix at Nita Lake Lodge. Whether it is my morning run destination or a prep site for making winter tracks, I find myself at home in the space. Remarkably, it could be considered one of the larger coffee shops in town, but it’s rustic lodge decor, surrounding natural beauty and decadent baking display keep me blissfully curled up. Their petite gluten free cookies, sweet filled croissants and savory rolls are scrumptiously adorable.


Sometimes though you can find cuteness in the hub of it all, and Pure Bread’s delivery of this was a welcome arrival. Its’ doors may have just opened but the lineups tell a story of anticipation-stored up by those who have long enjoyed their farmer’s market spread. Now the convenient location has added an espresso offering and unique culinary treasures of all kinds to its patrons. Oh the lemon bars, brownies, fruity tarts and meringues do leave many locals waistline-wary of too many visits to the “bake shop!”

Cuteness has never been so tasty.

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