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4 Aug

Hydro pole art

I was walking my dog early one morning just past the stretch of 11th Avenue voted “Most Beautiful Block 1999-2001. My head was down, staring at the pavement, and my brain was still in reboot mode. Once I hit Ontario, my eyes happened to dart up and were pleasantly welcomed by this guy. (See above.)

Oh. Hey there.

I gave him a closer look, smiled and kept walking.

It wasn’t too long until I ran into him again, except he was red. Then he was yellow. Then he was green. He kept staring back at me with that goofy look of his from his eye-level perch on a hydro poles. I couldn’t stop smiling.

Upon closer inspection, these faces weren’t selling anything, even though many of them had their “teeth” ripped out. Is it art? A marketing campaign? I certainly don’t know. All I know is that it brightened my day.

Have you seen these posters around Mt. Pleasant, between Main and Cambie and Broadway and 14th? Let’s take a…poll.

What do you think: Are they some sort of art project? Or some something more strategic?

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