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14 Oct

#IChooseWhistler and the Ski Town Throwdown

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Posted by: Feet Banks

I choose this

When it comes to ski towns everyone’s a winner. To even try to judge what ski town is the best involves very tricky criteria to measure: things like hot tubs, drinks by the fire, knit sweaters, fondue, and huge pow days with people you love. Choosing an actual “Best Ski Town” can be a lot like trying to pick the most important colour in a rainbow or the most unique snowflake on a 30 cm fresh day.

Of course, the snow sports media are generally up to the challenge. Last month Ski Magazine awarded their top spot to Whistler and now it’s time for Powder Magazine’s 3rd annual Ski Town Throwdown, a sort of “March Madness”-style elimination bracket series pitting individual resorts against each other with the winners advancing to the next round until there is only one resort left standing.

Voting in the Throwdown is all online and Whistler steps into the ring TUESDAY OCTOBER 14, 2014 as part of the Great White North Division (in the Backscratcher Conference). Voting this round only lasts 24 hours so if you feel like Whistler is the winningest winner of all, get out there and cast a ballot.

Culturally, these kinds of contests are a lot fun. There will almost certainly be all sorts of amusing trash talking online and I’m already feeling already inspired to work on my Backscratchers more this winter. Gotta do my conference proud!


The inevitable hype and pride surrounding the Throwdown also offers a glimpse into what people love about each and every ski hill in the contest. Whistler is home (and destination of choice) for skiers and snowboarders from all over the planet — of all the places in the world to go chase our dreams you, them, us have all chosen Whistler.

And Whistler Blackcomb wants to know why. They’ve launched an online #ichoosewhistler movement on social media as a way for Whistler lovers everywhere to proudly declare what exactly it is they love the most. Anyone can get in on the fun but to help kick things off The Insider reached out to some of Whistler’s finest and asked them to fill in the blank…

Whistler rules

The voting window for Whistler in the first round of the Ski Town Throwdown starts and ends on TUESDAY October 14, 2014. VOTE HERE. And feel free to leave a comment or tweet us up about why you choose Whistler.

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