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16 Apr

Indulge in Whistler is like Spring Cleaning for your Soul

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Posted by: Feet Banks

Research out of Harvard University (and plain old common sense) suggests that relaxing the mind and body can activate “disease fighting genes” that will keep us happier, healthier and living longer. Apparently being relaxed, breathing deeply and living the good life allows for better blood circulation to feed body and brain tissue and switches on the parasympathetic nervous system, which is linked to everything from good digestion to boosted immunity and cell regeneration.


Of course, Whistler locals are way ahead of the curve on the science of taking it easy and the Indulge in Whistler program running May 1-15, 2014, is all about showcasing some of the area’s best lower-adrenaline activities. Indulge will feature spring-value golf and spa packages with multi-course dining specials throughout town. It’s all about slowing down, breathing deep and enjoying the high life.

“Chill days are so necessary,” says Whistler pro-snowboarder Helen Schettini. “After all the energy that goes into a big winter, and the travel and stress, May is the time to just unwind, play golf, go for walks and hang out with friends.”

Helen has her own favourite local spots but this May anyone can customize their own Whistler chill days. Indulge in Whistler is a “choose your own adventure” style initiative that sees all four of Whistler’s golf courses, six top spas, and over 25 top restaurants all offering special spring value packages and deals. You don’t need to be a Harvard scientist to see that a day of golf, massage, hot tub soaking, and fine dining is going to be beneficial to anyone’s mind, body and soul. Toss a little spring skiing in there, or some epic patio sessions and the road to enlightenment has never looked better.

Indulge Whistler

The dining aspect of Indulge includes multi-course meals at some of Whistler’s top eateries with huge saving, and the locals literally eat it up. “Food is such a good way to bring people together,” says Helen. “I love to hit the fine dining spots this time of year for their set-menu choices to try new dishes. It’s just so nice to enjoy time with friends I don’t see much during the busy winter.“ Participating restaurants range from high-end to pizza joints so there are options to satisfy any appetite worked up over that hard day of taking it easy. Just be sure not to over-indulge and miss that morning tee-time or spa session (or better yet, book your activities for the afternoon).

“For me, a round of golf in the morning just makes the whole day better,” says Whistler Golf Club’s Ro Davies. “If you are first on the tee you feel like you’re getting so much more out of the day. While the rest of the world is in bed or hungover you’re putting on freshly cut grass into a perfectly cut and painted cup. All that silence and fresh air…you feel like your whole body just becomes more aware and awake.”

Spring is a time of renewal and Indulge in Whistler is like spring cleaning for your soul.


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