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6 Nov

Inside Vancouver’s Arts and Entertainment: New Works

Dancers of Damelahamid. Photo Credit: Tim Matheson

From Aboriginal cultural performances to sultry salsas, New Works showcases just about every type of dance Vancouver has to offer.

For almost 20 years, New Works has been working to make dance accessible to the community and support some of the best dance artists in Vancouver.  They have several ongoing dance presentations that anyone can come and enjoy.

If you’ve always wanted to learn a certain type of dance, the Dance Allsorts series is a must-do.  It’s a combination of a performance and a workshop.  One day you’re at the performance, surrounded by a roaring audience watching a Brazilian samba.  The next day you’re at a workshop in a full-on dance studio setting, learning how to shake your hips.  The series is almost always in full attendance.  High quality dances coupled with New Works’ “pay what you can” policy – how could anyone resist?

That’s New Works though, they make dance available to anyone, and anywhere.  Their Pop Up dances are sure to surprise any dance lover.  Pop Up dances are performed by any and every type of dancer: contemporary, theatre, hip-hop, breakdance, jazz, and plenty more.  The performances themselves can happen just about anywhere.  So if you’re walking around Vancouver enjoying the sights and see a performance drawing a crowd, it just might be a Pop Up dance.

New Works is constantly supporting Vancouver’s most talented dancers.  They are currently holding a fundraiser in an effort to keep sharing dance and offering accessible performances.  Part of the proceeds will also help New Works continue to manage a small group of dancers, for whom they provide representation and mentorship.

New Works’ upcoming Dance Allsorts showcases the Dancers of Damelahamid and Raven Spirit Dance on November 18th at the Roundhouse Community Centre.  Tickets are available ahead of time online or “pay what you can” at the door.

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