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19 Jun

Instagram Recollection: The Summer Before the Summer

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Posted by: Feet Banks

We’re mid-way through what has to be one of the sunniest and warmest Junes in Whistler’s history: The biking and golf seasons both started early, the lakes are swim-ready and the alpine hiking trails are nearly all snow free. As the official start of summer approaches on June 21, this Instagram Recollection is all about enjoying Whistler’s summer-before-the-summer. Check out the images below and be sure to tag your own shots with #OnlyInWhistler to get in on next month’s Instagram Recollection.

@bambibacon is a local artist/designer and she wins multiple awards this month: Best Float Toy, Most Stylish Dive (check out those pointed toes), Most Intriguing Instagram Handle, and Pun of the Month.
Follow @bambibacon


Gaper Day is the last day of the Whistler ski season and the crew at Doglotion are the local champions of celebrating it properly. This year Gaper Day was June 7 and the early summer weather made for one of the most epic alpine pond-skim parties ever. Skiing in June was amazing this year (and The Insider has a video to  prove it). Follow @doglotion

One of our longtime favourite Instagrammers, @emilyanthem seems to get out into Whistler’s most beautiful spots ALL THE TIME! She’s like an explorer from times long gone. Hiking is one of the best things about summer in the mountains and living the dream looks like this. Follow @emilyanthem

Whistler’s resident black bears seemed just as happy as the rest of us with the early season sunshine. More clover for them to eat. @amandachurchill got to witness this incredible moment of a mama and her cub, and thanks to Instagram we get to enjoy it too. A Whistler bear viewing tour is one of the best trips in town (and if you are lucky you might get a shot like this.) Follow @amandachurchill

So many of Whistler’s legendary XC bike trails were built by passionate volunteers so big props to leisure-class masters @sharon_and_lee for acknowledging the builder after their ride. Follow @sharon-and-lee


Jenna and Guillaume (and their tiny dog) built this tiny house and they are driving it around North America in search of adventure. On their way through Whistler the Tiny House got this pretty stunning photo with iconic Black Tusk mountain. Follow @tinyhousegiantjourney


These 4×4 off-road buggies are the hot new summer backcountry experience this year and you can see the excitement in @khomeniuk’s eyes. Next up, a monster truck! Follow @khomeniuk

Be sure to tag your Whistler photos #OnlyInWhistler and check back for more summer awesomeness next month. Until then you can always find everything you need to know about Whistler at

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