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8 Sep

Late Night Eats in Montreal


Montreal’s nightlife is bustling no matter what time of year; from cold weather activities to summer festivals, it seems like there is always something going on in the city.


Whether it’s grabbing a late bite, or making a pit stop to refuel during your excursion of late night shenanigans, here are a bunch of places that should be on your itinerary when discovering Montreal at night.


When you find yourself in the “Vieux Port” of Montreal sightseeing or taking in the old city charm, BEVO Bar and Pizzeria (located at 410 Rue St-Vincent) is where you’re going to find a late night menu starting Thursday to Saturday until 2am of wood-fired oven pizza and signature cocktails.


Try the classic Margherita pizza of tomato sauce, fior de latte mozzarella and basil – a true testament to rustic style Italian pizza. If you have room, make sure to try their Nutella dessert pizza as well.


Down the street is where you’ll find Montreal’s only authentic British fish and chip shop.  Brit and Chips (433 McGill, opened until midnight, Thursday to Saturday) features six different fish options (there’s even a vegetarian option that sees haloumi standing in for the fish), each with its own unique batter preparation.


Try the salmon with Guiness batter – generous filets of fish tender in a casing of a light batter with a crispy crust. The curry fishcake is also worth mentioning, a subtle nod to customary tastes and flavors of the restaurant’s origins.


Deville Dinerbar (1425 Stanley) reinvents the diner experience, serving customers in a modern-retro-chic atmosphere opened until midnight Fridays and Saturdays.

With an extensive cocktail list that features spiked milkshakes and drinks with names like, “Blood, Chet and Tears” (Deville’s version of a Sazerac) or the “Old Rumple Eyes” – a shake that is served with Oreo cookies, the menu is equally whimsical and inspired.

Start with the fried mac and cheese spring dumplings; golden pockets filled with their homemade mac and cheese, and follow that up with the bacon weaved meatloaf served with mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables.


If a quick bite on your way out or way in, make sure to stop by Poutineville.  This spot that pays homage to our unofficial-official national dish is dishing out plateful of fries covered in cheese and gravy until 5am on Fridays and Saturdays at their 1365 Ontario East location, right in the middle of the Village.


Poutineville has signature menu items to choose from like their “Poutineville” which consists of braised beef on top of crushed potatoes topped with cheese curds and mozzarella and covered in red wine gravy.


If you’re feeling adventurous, they also have a “make your own” option where you pick toppings off a checklist and your custom poutine is made to order – they boast 343 BILLION different poutine combinations!


BEVO Bar Pizzeria 410 – Rue St-Vincent (Thursday to Saturday until 2am)

Brit and Chips – 433 McGill (Thursday to Saturday until midnight)

Deville Dinerbar – 1425 Stanley (Friday and Saturday until midnight)

Poutineville – 1365 Ontario East (Friday and Saturday until 5am)


Honorable mentions to:

Le Fameux Smoked Meat and Charcuterie – 4500 Saint-Denis (daily 4am+)

Nouveau Palais – 281 Rue Bernard Ouest (Thursday to Saturday until 3am)

Big in Japan –  3723 Boulevard Saint-Laurent




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