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11 Oct

Let’s Go Get Small with Dave Treadway

I’m stoked to profile my friend Dave Treadway in this week’s version of Lounging With Local’s. Dave is one of the most humble and approachable guys I know, he absolutely rips on his skis, and – even though he is a rookie at being a new dad – he’s stepped into that role like a champ!

A huge aptitude for adventure, Dave is constantly exploring and chasing down new lines and zones in the mountains – whether or not there’s a camera on him. He’s the “send it for sending it sake” kind of skier and I can only imagine what kind of terrain he has shredded undocumented.

Last winter a Norwegian film crew followed Dave co-conspirator Henrik Windstedt deep into the Coast Mountain’s to sled-ski a huge mountain named Mount Monmouth in a short film titled “Let’s Go Get Small” (check out the trailer below). The film has been travelling the iF3 circuit and is a finalist in the upcoming Banff Mountain Film Festival.

The film looks amazing and it’s playing in Whistler on Saturday, Oct 12 along with Valhalla, a film Dave calls “my favorite film of the year.” Tickets are $17 and can be purchased at Millennium Place. More info here.

Photo: Peak Perfromance

Photo: Peak Perfromance

WIA: Dave, there’s a bunch of big things happening in your life these days. You’re entering this season with one more in the Treadway clan, you have a new movie making the rounds with iF3, and you’ve already logged some heli time this winter in Austria. What are you looking forward to this winter?

DT: Of course I’m really pumped to go ski! I’m also really looking forward to the early season ski touring, riding my new Xavier Rossi snowboard, and accessing new terrain on my new Skidoo.

(editor’s note: GoPro footage of Dave shredding big lines on his snowboard surfaced last winter. Not bad for a skier. Ha!)

The new film “Let’s Go Get Small” with you and Henrik Windstedt looks sick! What is the idea behind the film?

The film is about capturing the story of what I love to do when the cameras are normally put away. It’s about big sled-ski missions that are normally too much work for most photographers and filmers to tag along.

It’s a pretty serious sled-mission to get into Monmouth, what made you want tackle the project? And, where is the next unreachable sled-mission?

I feel that as humans, a lot of us have a drive to explore.  Monmouth hasn’t been explored by sled-skiers, so that area draws me.  Watch the video, and you’ll understand. As for next…it’s endless.  The Coast Range is the best for exploring because of the vast amount of ice.  Ice makes for easy traveling.  I think the next areas are west towards the ocean, and accessing the Coast Range from further north.

You’re known as a burly big mountain skier; you like big lines, you front-flipped a 140 foot cliff a couple year’s ago in front of the TGR camera’s, and you were maybe the first to double Whistler’s iconic Air Jordan. What’s next on the progression curve for you?

A lot of the stunts I’ve done in the past, I’ve been chasing an adrenalin high.  I want to shift what I am chasing from the adrenalin being the focus to the experience and I think that this has a lot longer life expectancy.  So to sum that up, I’m getting old, have a kid, and am smartening up.

There are a ton of local kids who look up to you and it’s pretty common to find you skiing with them on Saturday’s through Pemberton’s Young Life program. What’s the draw in giving back into the community in such a hands-on way?

We live in a selfish environment.  My wife and I started getting sick of just trying to glorify ourselves more and more and just doing things for only our pleasure.  Young Life is a way to share with teens our passion for the outdoors, and our love for Jesus.  It’s a way to serve, instead of trying to be served.

Alright, who inspires you to ski and who are your mountain mentor’s?

Glen Plake, Seth Morrison, Pemberton Big Mountain Hunting Club members, and Jesus.

Thanks Dave! Any final words or thank-you’s? 

Thanks Peak Performance for giving Henrik and I the funds to capture what we love to do in the mountains!

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