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30 Oct

LGBT Comedy Improve in Vancouver: The Bobbers

Photo credit: The Bobbers

The club kid.  The hippy chick.  The gym bunny.  Just about every gay stereotype imaginable  is dissected and lovingly lambasted in the hit Out TV improv show Tops and Bottoms.   Each week,  aspiring improvisers portray different roles, battling it out for a spot in the “Top” team.  Losers are sent back to “the closet.”

The talent behind the hit show is none other than Vancouver’s own comedy troupe the Bobbers.  The local improv group performs live every week in the heart of the Davie Street neighborhood.  And the live version of Tops and Bottoms is even more fun than the TV show, with plenty of audience interaction.

The Top improvisers create spontaneous scenes based on ideas pulled randomly from a hat. The Bottoms then perform challenges given to them by the Tops.  The audience votes and decides who stays and who goes.

Singles Night

Fans can catch the Bobbers and their unique brand of improv comedy every Monday night at 7 p.m. at the J Lounge, a bar, restaurant and performance space along Davie Street.  The shows are free and are often followed by scandalous puppet shows, music, movies and random acts of comedy.  For more information, see the Bobbers website.

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