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18 Nov

Long Live Opening Day!

It’s game on in Whistler.

Today Whistler Mountain opened under bluebird skies, cold temps, and a fresh blanket of snow. Snow sliders were out in full force to sample the early season conditions, work out the first-day-of-winter kinks, and remember why they should’ve been more serious about keeping the winter legs in winter shape, all summer long.

With Whistler opening two weeks ahead of schedule and with fantastic conditions, people were stoked! Tons of lift-line high-fives were had and lots of hugs went around as people re-connected and caught up. There’s not many places to get as good a quality time with people you haven’t seen in a while than in a Whistler lift queue on a busy weekend!

At any rate, if you made it up today I know you had a good time. Some of you rode park, some of you had transceivers on and were headed beyond the boundaries, and most of you beat me to après. But we all had fun (except for those three people who’s motto is “Death Before Download” and who spent their day walking down Peak to Creek).

And as great as opening day was, my favorite part of the day was eaves dropping on a 3-year-old girl complain to her dad that she didn’t want hot chocolate. “I just want to go skiing!” she insisted. Atta’ girl!

The future of shred looks bright, long live Opening Day.


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