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29 Dec

Meet a Montrealer: Kirk Muller

It’s professional hockey-player-turned-coach Kirk Muller’s third rodeo as a Montrealer, this time as the hugely popular associate coach of the city’s beloved Montreal Canadiens. He’s lived in the West Island, Westmount and now Old Montréal, and as such has cultivated a broad appreciation of the city. We caught up with the friendly and fun-loving Muller in between games to talk about the town he calls home (again) and, of course, hockey.


“I’d say the most satisfying and cool thing about my job is all the hard work that you do behind the scenes that people don’t see, the day-to-day working with players and seeing them develop. That’s the satisfying part. And then you walk out at 7:30 and the rink’s full at the Bell Centre and the fans are excited for the anthem and you’re like, ‘Here we go again!’ You can’t replace that feeling and that energy, so that’s the coolest thing, especially on a Saturday night.”


“A big thing that I love to do [laughs]… it’s nice to relax. After the hockey day is done practice-wise, I’ve got this cool spot in Old Montréal, it’s such a neat neighbourhood, and sitting down and having a glass of wine with my wife is probably something that we do on a routine basis.”

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“Well, you know what, I’m just starting to get into trying scotches and Irish whiskies, so that’s my new challenge right now [laughs]. So sittin’ back and trying one is kind of something I’ve just gotten into the last year or so. I enjoy it, and it just kind of ends the night in a nice calming mode.”

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