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9 Aug



    Posted by Alexander Dunphy

    The 3rd Edition of Montreal’s Queer of the Year Contest is kicking off this week during Fierté Montréal Pride! Five queers are flying in to compete in a series of fun, fabulous and sometimes freaky challenges to win $5000 and a trip back to Montreal. Ready to meet the contenders? This is important because for the 2012 edition, they need YOUR votes to win…

    Caleb Judy: One would be lucky to have Caleb Judy as their boy next door. Hailing from Connecticut, Caleb is smart, tall and charming and checks a lot of boxes. He has a Masters in Biomedical Anthropology, (you’ll need to ask him what that means) can sign fluent American Sign Language (how do you say “you’re cute” in ASL?) and is the son of a pastor! (So he must be an little angel… right?)

    Topher McFarlane: I haven’t met Topher yet, but apparent he’s a laugh riot. The only #QOTY2012 contestant from Canada, Topher will be representing Toronto. How does Topher plan on taking the Queer of the Year crown? He says “Screw 6 packs, make ‘em laugh and they will be eating out of your hand. My plan for dominating Queer of the Year and taking the Crown home is to bring the right amount of camp, humour and comedy.” I’d be afraid if I were the other QOTY finalists, Topher is the creator of funny website – so maybe Topher will be laughing all the way to the bank!

    Ivette Gonzàlez-Alè: She’s a total FOC! What’s a FOC? A Fierce Femme of Colour! A Cuban-Mexican that will be traveling from Brooklyn, NY to fight for the Queer of the Year title. I asked her how she plans on winning the whole competition and she had some choice words: “It wouldn’t be wise to reveal my game plan (you have to keep your opponents guessing), but let’s just say I am planning on bringing some Brooklyn fierceness to Montreal. That may or may not involve stilettos, garter belts and LOTS of glitter.” Well Ivette, Keep on FOCing, bring that glitter, and you’ll be giving your competition a serious run for the money!

    Shane Jenek: I wonder if we’ll see more of Shane, or more of his alter ego Courtney Act! Don’t call him a Drag Queen though, Shane is a gender illusionist and what an illusion he creates. Originally from way down under in Australia, Shane lives in Los Angeles and will be bringing a powerful voice to try and blow away the competition. He has some experience in cut-throat competitions- Shane Jenek/Courtney Act did Australian Idol!

    Peter Picciano: Peter definitely has a soft side, but wow those abs are hard. Coming from Manhattan, NY to flex, pose and crush his way to the QOTY crown and $5000. But what about that soft side we spoke about? Peter dedicates lots of time of LGBT fundraisers and community events!


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