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    The idea of “Montreal’s best burger” is undoubtedly one of the single most debated issues of the city. It surpasses “best ways to avoid traffic congestion”, “best public washroom” and “best Celine Dion album”. It would take forever to find a burger that would best represent Montreal… actually, it will take a week: Montreal Burger Week.

    A debate I’ve had amongst friends, fellow foodies and strangers alike is who makes Montreal’s best burger? I’m not the foremost authority on burgers, but some of the questionable examples that have been thrown on the table have led me to not only discredit and deem their opinions wrong, but question my relationship with these people. Now a legit forum in which we all shut up and pick a winner: introducing Montreal’s Burger week.

    Spearheaded by Na’eem Adam, simply known as Le Mechant Mangeur (“The Mean Eater”), the Montreal Burger Week initiative takes place the first week of September and connects over 30 of Montreal’s best restaurants throwing down on this city-wide burger challenge.

    “We wanted to find a way to pit burgers head-to-head to find which of Montreal’s restaurants has the best,” explains Adam. “Starting September 1 for an entire week, the public has the opportunity to visit the participating restaurants and try their featured burger-week burger – at a preferred price – then vote for their favorites via the official website or smartphone application.”

    Two winners will be awarded: one voted by the public, which will culminate as a sponsored party where everyone will be invited to sample the winning burger, and one chosen by a panel of local celebrity judges (rumour has it PK Subban will one of the judges – that’s if he finally decides to sign with the Habs and actually stays in Montreal).

    Teaming up with local food bloggers – including yours truly – our favorite burgers will be included in the over 30 restaurant-participant roster. Na’eem’s choice is a non-conventional one that only the mechant-est of all mangeurs could come up with – a fish burger from local fish and chip joint Comptoir 21.

    The fish – fluffy and moist, holds up to Comptoir 21’s signature beer batter that yields a crunch quotient that will resonate in your toes. The burger is topped with traditional fixings of lettuce, tomato, onions and pickles, and the fish sits atop a homemade herbed mayo spread, though Chef Nico Van Staden explains that they’ll be putting a spin to their signature “Burger 21″ for burger week.

    By no means is this contest scientific, nor does it abide by the statutes of any official international burger association of burgers or anything, but it’s guaranteed to be delicious. The countdown is on; will you accept the challenge of finding Montreal’s best burger?


    Montreal Burger Week, September 1-7, 2012

    Jason Lee is the stomach behind local restaurant review blog Shut Up and Eat, pop-culture enthusiast, celebrity gossip junkie, and pusher of all things delicious.



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