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    Whether you’re looking for a place to learn about tea practices and tea culture while sipping on a rare blend from a remote region in China, or you just want to don some white gloves and have some good old fashioned afternoon tea, these top 5 tea connoisseurs in Montreal will have you covered…

    Nothing makes a gal feel more like a lady than tea at the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth hotel. Channel your inner lady with their traditional afternoon tea– it’s the height of decorum, indulgence and luxury. They’ve been serving traditional afternoon tea with all the accoutrements for decades and they’ve got it down to a delicious science. I suggest their signature tea, the aptly-named “Queen Elizabeth”, and the elegant finger sandwiches and sweets are a real treat.

    Next we found ourselves at Camellia Sinensis, a haven for serious tea drinkers. The owners built their store with their shared passion for tea and travel and have been in business selling authentic tea from Asia for over ten years. They source the tea themselves by travelling to remote pockets of the world (mostly Asia), often following leads that are the stuff of myth and legend. The result is one of the finest tea houses in Montreal, with passionate, friendly and erudite staff who serve the finest tea in the world, to perfection.

    Gryphon D’Or is an absolute treasure and the afternoon tea service is sophisticated yet cozy. They serve afternoon tea with all the frills but it feels more like an elegant indoor picnic, and nothing beats their famous homemade scones. The emphasis at Gryphon D’Or is on homemade treats, quality food and ambrosial tea. Even if you’ve never had afternoon tea, they’ll make you feel right at home.

    Bubble Tea is a unique treat, even if it’s a bit unconventional. Magic Idea is the place to go if you’d like to try something new, or if you’re a bubble tea vet. This spot is one of the best places to get this unique cold tea served with flavoured tapioca balls. We sampled their most popular concoction and it was as sweet as the owners who run the place.

    Esprithé is easy to miss but hard to forget. At Esprithe, you can purchase tea to take home or you can sit down and relax in their tea house with some meringues and baked treats from the neighbourhood. The place is run by an affable gentleman who knows a daunting amount about tea culture and who will expertly serve you a cup of tea with an Asian flair.


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