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24 Mar

#MTLMOMENTS Photo Challenge: 10 Iconic Picture spots

montreal iconic photos mtlmoments

10 iconic spots around the city, 10 pictures, 10 Montreal moments for the scrapbook. Can you complete the #MTLMOMENTS photo challenge? Check out the challenge guide below, but obviously feel free to improvise and add your own along the way and make your own #MTLMOMENTS…

FARINE FIVE ROSES: One of the most photographed landmarks in the city. There are many places you can spot the Farine Five Roses sign, but it might be easier to spot while it flashes red at night! (Photo by vianeee)

THE GUARANTEED PURE MILK BOTTLE: Designed in Art Deco style in 1930 by Hutchison, Wood Miller architects as advertising for the Guaranteed Pure Milk Company. It weighs 6 tonnes and stands 10 meters tall. (Photo by mtl_crane)

THE GIANT CROSS: The large religious symbol still shines above Montreal’s Plateau neighbourhood. You might be able to see it from afar, but how close can you get? (Photo by noraofthewoods)

THE MAISONNEUVE MONUMENT: This statue of Charles de Maisonneuve, the founder of Montreal, was erected in 1895 as part of Montreal’s 250th anniversary celebrations. (Photo by mathildefortier)

“MAN” BY ALEXANDER CALDER: This massive twisting nickel sculpture is rumoured to be the most expensive piece of art in all of Canada, insured at 50 million dollars. Standing near this beauty also gives one of the most spectacular skyline views of the city! (Photo by claudiakaryne)

PODIUM, CAULDRON, AND THE OLYMPIC RINGS: Tourists and Montrealers love taking pics of friends and family posing a top the podium in front of the Roger Taillibert designed stadium built for the 76’ Summer Olympic Games. (Photo by jfgreer78)

THE FUNKY STEEL CHAIRS: You’ll have to scour the tree-lined streets of Montreal’s Plateau neighbourhood to find this cluster of unique steel chairs surrounding a very unique world map fountain.The installation was designed by Michel Goulet and titled “Les Leçons Singulières.” (Photo by jfsavaria)
OSCAR PETERSON MURAL: This beautiful mural by Gene Pendon of jazz legend Oscar Peterson is located in the neighbourhood he was born and raised in.
HIV/AIDS MEMORIAL: This small park has large black granite blocks to symbolize death, set against a garden to symbolize life. It was create in 1996 to honour those lost to AIDS. In the summer, many Montrealers like to gather in the park and watch the large crowds of people stroll past.

GEORGE-ÉTIENNE CARTIER MONUMENT: This tall and stately monument is a popular summer meeting spot, and every sunday becomes the crown jewel of the popular TamTams, where Montrealers gather to relax and soak in the sunday. (Photo by tradewinds2507)

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