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2 Jun

New CTV Police Drama Set in Vancouver To Air January 2013


Yesterday’s CTV Upfronts—where the network outlines its 2012-13 TV schedule—revealed that a new police drama set (and filmed) in Vancouver has been ordered for January 2013.

The Vancouver police drama, currently titled Motive, will follow a female Vancouver police detective who “matches wits with killers.”  From the report on CBC: “Each episode reveals not only the victim, but the killer as well. As the detective begins her work, the audience also is drawn inside the mind of the culprit.”

CTV hasn’t announced any other details about the Vancouver drama—no stars have been announced—but the series will be produced by Vancouver-based Foundation Features and Lark Productions; Lark currently produces both Gastown Gamble and The Real Housewives of Vancouver.

After having so many TV shows filmed in Vancouver but set elsewhere—i.e., using Vancouver as a stand-in for Metropolis (Smallville), Portland (Life Unexpected), Any Major Big City in North America (The X-Files, Supernatural), among many, many others—it will be nice to see a drama filmed here that is actually supposed to depict Vancouver.

Even if it is about serial killers.

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