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    Some people travel in style in the lap of luxury, others like to trek across the world with only the clothes on their back. Some people like to travel with children, and others with a little furrier four-legged friend. For those who never like to leave their dog or cat at home, traveling in Montreal is easy! Not to mention downright luxurious…

    Whether your chosen pet companion is a cute canine or a fabulous feline, there are plenty of travel options in Montreal to choose from. From pet friendly hotels, grooming services, dog friendly cafes, green parks for walking and more! Check out my guide to the very pet best of Montreal…


    Loews Hotel Vogue: Loews loves your pets as much as you do. It treats your animal as an important guest of the hotel. Loews offers luxurious amenities such as gourmet room service for cats and dogs prepared by their award-winning chef! They provide specialized bedding, leashes, collars, litter boxes, rawhide bones, catnip, scratch poles and more. Holy, it’s almost nicer to be an animal at Loews than a human at some unmentionable hotels… Loews charges an additional $25 per stay for the extra cleaning that comes with having an animal in the room. Sounds pretty fair to me!

    Le Saint-Sulpice: Le Saint-Sulpice is a luxury boutique hotel located in the heart of Old Montreal. They are a proud member of the “Pets Can Stay Program”, which means they must follow guidelines to providing premium 5-star service to all guests in the hotel including animals, while still maintaining professional standards. Your pet even gets a treat with check-in! All pet amenities are there like food and litter, but no pet services like grooming are offered however information is easily available.

    The W Hotel: So if your pet is so spoiled that it loves luxury as much as you do, then the W Hotel is it. Upon check in, you get a gift basket complete with a pet toy, pet treat, a W pet tag, clean up bags and a list of services. Waiting in your room is a custom W pet bed, food, water and a floor mat, a “pet in room” sign and a special treat at turndown. 24 hours a day you can request leashes, toys, food, treats, litter and more. The W Hotel is even making a difference- everytime you stay with your pet they donate $5 to the SPCA! Note that they charge $25 tacked on top of the room rate, plus a $100 cleaning fee at the end of your stay. Pets no more than 40 lbs are allowed.

    Sheraton: The Sheraton Hotel offers a bowl, food, and a pet bed, but also an adorable little Sheraton scarf! What a classy touch! And… drumroll please… Sheraton does NOT charge any additional fees for bringing one pet with you. A room inspection is done at the end of your stay and if a significant mess has been made a cleaning fee will be charged, but if your pet behaved then it’s free! Kudos Sheraton for treating pets like gods!

    Le St-Germain: One of Montreal’s most comfortable, charming and beloved boutique hotels is also one of its pet-friendliest. For $35 per night they’ll provide a pet food mat, bowls for food and water, and a bed. And given that their human beds are AMAZING, your dog or cat is in for a great night. Because no way do you ever let them sleep in your bed, of course not, that would be silly. Perhaps most amazing is that you can spoil your pet, who is already staying with you in a luxury hotel so obviously they totally deserve it, with items from the tres luxe Germain Collection.


    These are not hotels that allow pets… they are hotels that are for pets. NO PEOPLE ALLOWED.

    Hotel Balto: If any traveling guests need to put their animal up for a short-term stay in one of the most ultra-posh luxurious pet hotels around, the Hotel Balto is it. Yes it is a hotel just for animals. Rooms include heated floors with individual control, a plasma TV (?!?), music, hand-crafted cast iron beds and a camera system that allows your to check in on your pet via the internet. Their services include grooming, daily, walks, limousine service, play time and get this: an artist to do a personalized painting of your pet during their stay. How special.

    Muzo: The most chic, urban pet hotel that rivals even human hotels is Muzo. Muzo is a self proclaimed “pet resort for urban cats and dogs”. Although Muzo doesn’t have the heated floors, limousine and painting services that Balto offers, this place looks to be the trustworthiest place for an animal. They accept both cats and dogs, there’s a gym for exercise, grooming is offered and the place is located right near downtown! It’s good to be a pet!


    Take your little furry friend out for a stroll in these picturesque and animal-friendly parks. I would suggest leaving the cats and alligators at home (or hotel) though.

    Parc Lafontaine: This park is for exploring, meeting other dog owners and taking in the beautiful Montreal scenery. Dogs and people are friendly and there’s plenty of trash bins and benches!

    Lachine Canal: I often see dog walkers along the canal walking five or six dogs at once! Filled with families, and lots of water fountains with those little doggie attachments. Perfect for exercising along the long canal trails.

    Mont Royal: Dogs are supposed to remain on a leash and be picked up after at all times on Montreal’s famed mountain, but they will still love the forest paths and mountain trails. What an adventure!


    Montreal is filled with top fashion brands from all around the world that make Montrealers some of the most stylish people around. But what about man’s best friend? What luxury boutiques do they get to shop at? There are some pretty unique places in Montreal for your and your pet! My favourite is definitely Le Doggie Bag Cafe!

    Bark Fitz: The snazziest most fancy pet store ever. Gourmet handmade food, fresh baked treats, top quality toys imported from around the world, and grooming. This store is for the divas and divos of the animal kingdom. Located in the heart of Westmount on Sherbrook, this boutique has a rule that they would never sell anything that they wouldn’t let their own dogs eat or play with!

    Le Doggie Bag Café: This is like an indoor dog park. Two-legged humans can bring their four legged children to hang out and play. Health code forbids the sale of human food, but there are plenty of doggie treats to go around!

    Little Bear Animalerie: Co-owned by Doobie the dog, this is a popular pet supplies store in Westmount. Trendy clothes, high-quality food and toys, and of course – pet friendly.


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