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13 Aug

Prairie Picnic’s in the Mountains

I don’t know if you have heard, but there is a little event in town currently….if you are successfully living under a rock then you might have missed this. I, on the other hand am fully aware, as my husband is busy with the excitement. As a result, I try and recapture my prairie farm girl roots and deliver dinner to the “field” for a few minutes of time together.

If you were blessed with a childhood in the rolling flatlands than you are likely familiar with this working-picnic norm for families. Every chance we could, mom would pack up a scrumptious meal in ice cream buckets of sandwiches, fresh fruit, and usually either Nanaimo bars or peanut butter cereal slice and we would radio to see where was best to meet my dad. At an intersection, pull out, or corner of a section on our land we would come together to enjoy this time and simple meal.

Somehow I think we have forgotten in our fast paced lives that this is a part of dining – the sharing and literal breaking of bread that instigates a “pause” button to be hit. So, amongst the hectic excitement of Crankworx and peak summer ambitions, I encourage people to not get so dependent on the patio-equipped establishments. Instead make your own with a picnic!

I have found that few restaurants will turn away a request for take out customers so get out there. Grab a savory scone and Super Salad from The Lift and head for the hills or Whistler Olympic Plaza to take in the action. Or go over the top to impress your picnic blanket partner and dig in to the 1/2 Roasted Chicken dinner or Thai style vegetarian yellow curry at Pemberton Meadows Golf Course.

Picnic Helper’s from Lift

No matter your menu or choice of pop up self made patio I assure you that between the concentrated conversation and surrounding spectacle of events and entertainment you will find your own “pause”. Who said there was nothing to import from the prairies!?

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