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21 May

Punk Night With Booze Cruise and Shockload

Pemberton Hotel. Dressup PUNK NIGHT! Come dress up and enjoy some amazing talented bands from Yellowknife and Vancouver.

About Booze Cruise
Straight from the shores of…Yellowknife, NWT?! Boasting a sound more commonly found significantly south of their home base, Booze Cruise does not let their cold climate slow them down.

Since forming in early 2010, Booze Cruise has refused to rest. Less than a year after their inception, the band was sitting on the release of their first LP, Moose Stuff. The record saw its unveiling in the summer of 2011, and has since been treated to a full release in Japan, via Bells On Records, and has seen sales all over the world. While the songs of Moose Stuff were being featured on various podcasts and radio shows around the world, Booze Cruise was on the road, spending the fall of that year touring clear across their home nation.

The start of 2012 has seen Booze Cruise continue on a similarly prolific path. The year has already seen the release of an EP, No Big Deal, as well as their inclusion on several compilation albums at home and abroad. With plans to flesh out the year with more tours and more new music, Booze Cruise looks to finish off this biography with a hard-hitting, memorable sentence.

7423 Frontier St.
Pemberton, BC VON 2L0

Today 12:00 pm – 12:00 am
Phone 1 (604) 894-6313

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