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13 May

Richmond Night Market Officially Opens for the 2018 Summer Season

Richmond night market vancouver 2018

Sourced from the Richmond Night Market Facebook

Summer in Vancouver isn’t complete without a visit or two (or five) to the extremely popular Richmond Night Market, which returns for the 2018 season on Friday, May 11.

The weekly market is held from Friday to Sunday nights (and on holidays) and attracts huge crowds; typically around 30,000 visitors check out the market each night. The Richmond Night Market is known for its endless rows of food stands, nightly entertainment, and as being one of the best places to buy cheap, funny socks in Vancouver.

For the first time in 10 years, there will be only one Richmond Night Market, as the other market in Richmond (last year known as the Illumination Market) announced its cancellation earlier this year.

richmond night market 2018

Photo: Official Richmond Night Market

Located a brief distance from Downtown Vancouver on the Canada Line, the Richmond Night Market will run all the way from May 11 to October 8 and will feature over 100 food vendors and 200 retail stalls. It’s time to get excited for grilled squid, dragon’s beard, fresh bubble tea, and the other exciting new creations featured at this year’s market.

For 2018, the Richmond Night Market will also be hosting a Seafood Festival serving up an abundance of King Crab, Snow Crab, Dungeness crab, Lobster and more. “Don’t be crabby, it’s a shell-abration!”

If there’s only one thing to remember when going to the Richmond Night Market, it’s to go there with a completely empty stomach. The food is the priority at this market, so make sure you’re aching for a freshly fried rotato. Also, try and get there early or head there late. Crowds can get pretty intense at peak hours.

Richmond Night Market Vancouver

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2018 Richmond Night Market Details

Location: 8351 River Road, A short walk from the Canada Line Bridgeport station
How to get there: 
Take the Canada Line, parking is notoriously hard to navigate. Get off at Bridgeport station and follow the crowds.
 May 11 – October 8, 2018
Friday Saturday Night – 7pm to midnight. Sunday Stat Holidays – 7pm to 11pm
Price of Admission: $4.25 for adults. Kids and seniors can enter for free.

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