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11 Nov

Sinatra Vandalizes the Orpheum… and Other Showbiz Secrets

Frank Sinatra

Originally a vaudeville house, the luscious Orpheum Theatre has lured in showgoers since the twenties. Here, they’ve heard great music, witnessed unbelievable magic, and marvelled at the contortions of pretzel-like acrobats. Along the way, the Orpheum has also been the setting for some rather interesting stories: from the sink damaged by Frank Sinatra when he was practicing his golf swing indoors, to the room used to hold exotic “trained beasts” such as elephants.

Now, one lucky winner—and a friend—will get a full behind-the-scenes tour of the Orpheum, and perhaps venture to parts like the symphony rehearsal hall… where (strangely) no symphony has ever actually rehearsed. This private tour will be topped off with a  dinner at the elegant Diva at the Met, and two front-row tickets to The National, where they’ll experience the Orpheum in full swing. When they’re ready to end the night, they’ll retire to the delightful St. Regis Hotel for the second of their two-night stay.

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