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23 Nov

Ski Like A Rockstar with Irene Lyons, Body Scientist

We’ve all heard people mention they have a physio appointment at lunch or that they are heading for a massage after work but have you ever heard someone state they were off to see their body scientist?

I could say it. Irene Lyon, MSC. Body Scientist believes everyone should be pain-free and has been working with me for the past couple of months. Her scientific formulas for mobility seem to be working.

Irene is in the midst of helping me deal with traumatic tension held in my back as well as reworking how I do things as simple as sitting and standing. The most revolutionary learning for me has come in a total rethink of the movement my Crossfit coach Jordan Glasser refers to as “the canary in the coal mine” – the almighty squat.

At the beginning of December Irene is holding ski-prep “Ski Like a Rock Star” intensives December 1-2, 1-4pm, where she will lead students in dynamic exercises that will completely change the way they ski.

“When we are doing dynamic activities, such as skiing, we want our big muscle groups to be on-line in such a way that they get active when the time is appropriate, and then inhibited when they are no longer needed. The key words for optimal sports performance are Adaptability and Resiliency,” says Irene. “The key words do not include that “C” word commonly known as Core.”

“There is this huge false notion that a continual contraction of the belly muscles – even if a light one – during dynamic activity is required to the keep the trunk strong and stable. Sadly, doing this is actually causing HUGE counter-strain on the joints of the spine,” says Irene. “It also zaps the energy of the body by causing inefficient movement leading to less flow in the activity.”

Ski Like A Rockstar Intensive will show students how to have lots of flow and extra energy to ski more instead of an achy back and a skiing style that is disconnected and lacking grace.  Space is limited; get more information here.

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