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28 Oct

SkyTrain Halloween Party 2011 on Friday, October 28

Halloween aboard the SkyTrain, 2009

If you want to party in your Halloween costume this weekend, there are a lot of events and nightclub blow-outs happening all over Vancouver. But there is one that stands out for its truly unusual venue: the annual SkyTrain Halloween Party, which, just like the name implies, happens on an actual SkyTrain.

Organized by the folks at the Vancouver Public Space Network (VPSN), a grassroots collective that “engages in advocacy, outreach and education on public space issues in and around Vancouver,” the SkyTrain Halloween Party is a chance for people to experience a common public space in an uncommon way. In 2008, VPSN’s Andrew Pask told The Buzzer, “People think of public spaces as a static entity, that what they’re used for is the only thing they can be used for….We encourage people to celebrate them and animate them, and these transit parties enable that.”

So how does it work?

First, anyone can attend the SkyTrain Halloween Party—and all you need to pay for is your Translink ticket.

Here’s how it works (from VSPN’s Facebook page):

  • Meet in the Waterfront Station Concourse at 7:45pm on Friday, October 28th
  • Follow the Conductor and depart: Waterfront at 8pm
  • Have the ride of your life!
  • When we return to Waterfront, don’t leave us! Join us at the Afterparty (secret location!)

VSPN asks that all SkyTrain partiers remember to respect the space, saying “We love our Skytrains and they love us. Keep this in mind as we party it up in [a] public space. This means: buy a ticket, clean up any garbage and no open alcohol. Thanks!”

This is one Vancouver Halloween party I’ve never personally attended, so if you go, please come back and leave a comment/review!

The SkyTrain Halloween Party happens Friday, October 28, 2011.

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