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13 Sep

Stoked for Winter or Lamenting Summer?

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Posted by: Feet Banks

It’s an interesting time of year in the mountains. Morning temperatures hover just above zero and snow dusts the tops of the highest peaks. And yet by afternoon the sun shines so brilliantly and the air feels so clean and pleasant it makes a person feel stupid for putting on pants that morning.

Is it winter? Is it summer? Autumn in Whistler presents an interesting psychological quandary – do the misty lakes and crisp mornings make you extra excited for the upcoming winter, or do the warm afternoons come as a lament for a fine summer that, as always, ended too soon?

Is it a time to pull out the base layers and start duct-taping up the holes in your snow pants or should we be milking one more round of bocce at Rainbow Park and braving the waters of Alta Lake until the last possible moment?

Summer vs. Winter – What’s your pick? Feel free to discuss in the comments below and may the best season win.

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