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1 Sep


For the second blog in a row I wish to take on a member of Whistler literati. Its another throw-down, a showdown. Hell no, I can’t slow down. This time my target is outside the friendly confines of WIA. Nick Davies, former councillor and current Whistler Question attack dog (I thought Nick would appreciate the moniker) has dropped the gauntlet and I will oblige.


Nick filled a page in one of our mighty Whistler news institutions with accusations that our council is: boring, irritating, uncontroversial and muzzled. I would like to debunk each of those statements in order.

  1. Boring: Roger McCarthy has a moustache that looks a lot like Magnum PI’s. If you want to call that boring you can, but I think our community disagrees. Proof.
  2. Irritating: Rashes, fibre glass and mosquitos are irritate ”ing”. I’m irritate “d”… by Nick Davies. BOOM!
  3. Uncontroversial: I’m pretty sure Andree Janyk is a big Rage Against the Machine fan. Based on that fact alone I think she bringz enough controversy cred for the whole council.
  4. Muzzled: mmmmmhhhh mouhhhhhmm mmokdo. Just kidding… no muzzle here. Looks like you were wrong again.

Having thoroughly debunked the main points of his investigative report I turn now to Nick’s discussion of the RMOW communications policy. In his article, Nick recounts a conversation he had with an unnamed RMOW staffer who suggested… “councillors only [speak] to the Fifth Estate on talking points provided by the Communications Department”. At this point I am not sure who to batter with my literary pugilistic skills. The unnamed staffer has never supplied me with my talking points… and Nick has simply raised my ire.


A letter to the Nick’s source:

Dear Sterling RMOW Manager,

Where are my talking points?  As you know, my oratory abilities compare favorably to Linkin or the Kennedys (Park and Dead). I am ready to represent the RMOW. I look forward to the talking points. If you would like me to write them I’m happy to. If you would like me to write talking points for mountain lakes, the sun and/or powder days, I’m happy to do that as well.


MC Jackson David Crompton, BSc.


A letter to the man himself:

Dear Nick Davies,

Your news department calls me all the time on 604.902.8747. They have asked me questions and I have answered them, without talking points. I think they are pulling your budget because if they don’t you’ll keep uncovering policies that stop them from talking to people without prompters. My guess is, they are nervous it will impact their bottom line. And, you think we’re muzzled. By the way, I bet you wish you could get your hands on the talking points for this blog!


MC Jackson David Crompton, BSc.

And so I conclude. I may have misrepresented some of Nick’s column so you may want to read it for yourself… then again, you may want to go for a bike ride. If you have made it this far… congratulations. Sadly, this blog is really void of much substance. Just a long cut to say… councillors don’t get talking points, as far as I know. Sorry to waste your time.

Recently the RMOW:

  1. Received the 2011 Annual Energy Consumption Greenhouse Gas Performance Report. Whistler has achieved most of our targets but the heavy lifting is coming.
  2. Received a report about Parks and Recreation Fees and Charges. Council will be considering increased fees for non-residents (including Pemberton and Squamish). Thoughts?
  3. Received a report on the Mons Sub-Area Inventory. The discussion centered around what land is in and around Mons and what its potential uses are.
  4. Gave 1st and 2nd readings to a rezoning of the BC Transit facility beside the public works yard. There will be a public hearing at the September 4, 2012 council meeting. The new zoning will allow BC Transit to rent the facility to third parties (charter companies etc).

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