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3 Jul

Summer at The Point!

Mother nature has sure made us be patient for the weather we have all been so woefully longing for, but if the past week is any indication, Summer has arrived!  And for those of you who arrived here in the fall, your “see it to believe it” moments are upon you, where you will finally understand why everyone here says Summer can actually top Winter, despite our common love of all things snow.

With summer comes exciting times ahead for one of Whistler’s famous landmarks – the old Alta Lake Hostel, now known affectionately as The Point.  This Muni-owned facility is evolving into a collective art space.  At the helm is Stephen Vogler, long time local and wearer of many hats.  He has organized an amazing program this summer which falls into 3 main categories:

Saturdays at the point: Starting next Saturday (July 7), come one come all for a gathering of artists and art enthusiasts.  There is music, art and books for sale, a cafe, and many more surprises!  It’s a great time and a fantastic way to spend a Whistler Summer day.

Summer Workshops:  There is something for everyone here, for little kids, big kids, and the never-grow-olds.  Check out the full offering online at  You can also register online.

Flag Stop Theatre and Art Festival: This first-annual event will showcase some of the summer workshop students’ hard work, as well as a homegrown play written by Stephen Vogler, called “Agnes”.  Stephen describes the plot summary:

“It’s set in 1929 on this very spot, just prior to the stock market crash, with historic Alta Lake characters Agnes and Bert Harrop thrown into a fictional world with a young visiting couple from San Francisco.”

The play will feature local and Vancouver actors Angie Nolan and Lilli Clark, as well as internationally known local jazz trumpeter Simon Stribling.

So please come down to the point and visit – you will be happy you did.  Most likely your first visit will be far from the last.

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