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23 Jun

T.A.G. – The Weirdos Need A Home

Is this art? You tell me.

 Hi artys!

Last week I mentioned that a group of artists named “The Weirdos” were looking for a venue for the upcoming Function Block Party.  We were hoping to secure a building for the show where the group could exhibit our work for the evening. Well, so far that’s not looking good and we are thinking of alternatives. With art I have always found that when one door closes another opens. So, this little set back is just that, a minor glitch for us to overcome. I don’t think it will be a problem, we just have to get a space. Things are in the cards, or on the books as they say, so fear not.  Just keep your ears and eyes open for the upcoming info on the show cause we gonna have another groovy show.

Stay tuned.

Everyone talks of tracks, whether there making them, following them, looking at them or listening to them. That is Stephen Vogler’s thought behind his upcoming show at The Point. The Point is a artist run facility on Alta Lake. It is between the water of the lake and the train tracks that run from Vancouver to Prince George. It is a great building with a lot of hope in it. The show should prove to be another feather in his cap for organizing a great event with much talked about art.

I am not sure if anyone is making musical tracks for the show but it would be nice to hear someone’s take on the theme. Hearing some music that an artist created for an event specific show is just great. Just like my show a couple of weeks ago when I had the super talented Merlin Pascal play tracks he created specifically for the show. It was awesome.

Also quite stimulating to get a little different take on art. One does not always assume music is art and not many people will go to an art show thinking that someone has actually made the music that they are listening to. Ohh, well. Maybe some local artists can fill the void and make some music for us?!  That would be great.

Did I also mention that Stephen and the Point will be launching its first annual ‘Flag Stop Theatre and Arts Festival on August 11?  No, ok. It will be featuring live theatre on their floating stage!! What a cool idea! Awesome Stephen! Can’t wait. Btw, they are looking for artists and artisans, musicians what have you for the arts show. If you feel inclined and have a piece or are willing to create a themed piece, well then definitely get a hold of Stephen at The Point.  I am sure he would love to see some new artists partaking.

I have a question. How many people think yarn bombing is art? It seems that there are some people that don’t think it is art and is the same as graffiti. I personally do not agree. The same could be said about graffiti. Not all graffiti is alike. To me, a tag is not really art, sure it is creative in style or representation but… it still is just a super quick simple way of writing your name. Yarn bombing is much more creative and labour intensive. A tagger can do his or her thing in less than a couple of seconds as where a yarner will take much time to produce a piece. Agree or disagree, that’s your choice. I will take a yarn bomb over a tag any day.  Though, if it was H.R. Giger’s, well, that’s another story. p.s.  I already spent $70 dollars on his autograph.

Ohhh, and a final word.  Was I sleeping or did I miss the slapstick release of the 3 Stooges movie? Yup, seems so.  Did anyone watch it yet?

Good luck and art soon.


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