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29 Dec

T.A.G. – What’s Weird In Art For 2012

My friend Maki and I thinking about 2012 and 2013 all in one night. Happy New Years!

A T.A.G Thanks!

It is the time of year for reflection and assessment. A wrapping up of the year’s events while deciding on a plan for 2013!

Last week I wrote of the events that were highlights to me in my world for 2012. Reading and rehashing those events made me think of the upcoming year and what it has in store for us.

I also tried to think of the really big art events that happened, not just in my world, but in the world itself. It seems in reality, much happened, there were lots of shows and lots of new artists popping up here and there. PSY was the biggest entertainment hit of 2012. Ohhh well.

One could look at Damien Hirst’s Dots, which is showing at all Gagoshian Galleries worldwide. As one of the biggest shows all year, we could say it was pivotal. I wouldn’t. You see, Damien Hirst is a funny kind of artist. Don’t believe me? Do your own leg work and check this vid out.

There are many great artists in Whistler and the world and I thought that, as always, the talent here is not far from what some of the world’s best have to offer. I can’t help to look at others that are in the cutting edge of what is not only new, but cool, and most importantly, has staying power. Many artists currently living here or who have passed through the Whistler corridor, would make it any where. I know they can and will.

A new category is in order for the last issue of the year in arts. I know it is cheeky but, I do have poop tattooed on my wrist so…. It shall be called, Hot and Funny. I think it is pretty funny, lets see if you do.

This is the hero category:

Tobias Wong’s crazy pills:

I likey:

I think this is a cool idea showcasing what we as humans do to other humans and how we subject ourselves everyday.


Now, for the funnies:

Ok, there is almost no reason I should put the poor sister here, but…. I have to. Sorry. 

This is by no means bad or lack of talent in all cases, it certainly is somewhat laughable. Bad Art – Most amazingly Weird

I had to include this page as it was tooo funny, but not really. Museum Of Bad Art

Last but not least would without a doubt have to be yours truly for creating what has been known to be some of the shittest art in the world, if one could call it that, Me, the poofont guy, why not? 

It’s just shitty.

I hope my last post won’t be too harsh for some as it was more a less a humorous look at the art for 2012. A few peeks of some cool new artists as well as some funny ones, like me. Why me? Well, art is all about experimenting and having fun. Pushing boundaries of your own abilities and your chosen medium. In my case it is sometimes poo, that in itself makes me wilder and weirder than anyone on these lists, even Tobias Wong, even though I love his shit.

It is also a very good idea to always be able to laugh at yourself, if you can’t well then, your just gonna be crusty and nobody likes anyone that’s crusty. Stay real.

Happy New Years Y’all.

Arne G




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