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    TASTE MTL, Montreal’s first ever restaurant week, starts soon. About 100 restaurants are participating in this delicious event and since there are only so many nights one can dine out during those 10 days, it makes it very difficult to pick which restaurants to try out…

    Montreal is known for its food diversity and my ideal line-up for TASTE MTL would be to go international with my restaurant choices. You can now consult each participating restaurant’s menu online, which makes it just a little bit easier to decide. Suffice it to say that I already know what I would order if I were to dine at these restaurants.

    Spanish Tapeo: Tapeo (pictured above) is the most famous tapas bar in Montreal and one I’ve been going to for years for a little taste of Spain and sunshine. The tapas are authentic, creative and seasonal and will transport you to the Iberian Peninsula the minute you take your first bite.

    I would order:

    Spanish tortilla
    Vine tomates
    Patatas bravas
    Churros con chocolate

    Portugal FerreiraFerreira Café is the spot to savour some of the best Portuguese cuisine in town in a chic and warm decor right in the heart of downtown Montreal. Pick from a great list of Portuguese wines to accompany you on your culinary journey.

    I would order:

    Cured Mediterranean sea bass, yuzu and fresh coriander
    Pan seared fresh cod steak, new potatoes, roasted pepper marmelade and bouillabaise, broth
    Caramel and Ferreira white port flan

    French Auberge Saint-Gabriel: The centuries-old walls of this “oldest inn in North America” contrast with the modern, funky décor touches to create a unique space in which one of the most talented chefs in Montreal serves fine French cuisine that is as beautiful to admire as it is delicious.

    I would order:

    Québec beets in varied flavours and textures, fennel goat milk yogurt, blackberries, some pecans, bitter orange marmalade.
    Slow-roasted cod, black rice, escabeche of mussels/peppers/chorizo, cod brandade kromesky, poulette/safran sauce
    The Auberge’s own Floating Islands, vanilla/praline/caramel

    Latin Raza: Raza has earned a great reputation as one of the best fine dining restaurants in Montreal and one of the only restaurants serving modern Latin food in Canada. Located on posh Laurier Street, this tiny restaurant serves a unique tasting menu using fresh South American ingredients.

    I would order:

    Scallop ceviche, hibiscus jelly, avocado
    Poached cod, Peruvian bouillabaisse sauce, Yukon gold potatoes, Quinoa and fresh Andes cheese
    Caramalized banana, honey crisps, dried fruits

    Turkish Restaurant Su: Turkish food is one of the most flavourful in the world and Su is a great ambassador showcasing the divine complexity and delicate aromas of this exotic cuisine.

    I would order:

    Anything that is on Su’s menu that night will be delicious


    Check out the complete list of restaurants here. You can consult each restaurant’s menu by clicking on its name in the list.


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