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10 Apr

Take a Walking Tour of Vancouver with the Vancouver Heritage Foundation

Granville Island. Photo credit: Gord McKenna | Flickr

Now that spring has arrived in Vancouver, it’s only a matter or time before you’ll want to get outside and walk around our beautiful city. Vancouver Heritage Foundation offers a number of walking tours in different areas of the cities, led by guide Maurice Guibord. Whether you’re just visiting or you’re a long-time resident of Vancouver, it’s a great way to see the city and learn something new about Vancouver. Choose between tours exploring historic neighbourhoods, residential areas, or discovering the architecture of downtown Vancouver. All walking tours are $15; register for one here.


Grandview from Commercial Dr to Clark Dr – April 20
Straddling industrial, commercial, and residential precincts, this fascinating area has been rarely explored. Displaying the transitions that continuously transform its built heritage, explore how artists have played a significant role in making the area more habitable, while demographic pressures have impacted the residential landscape. See how some individuals have chosen this area to make their statement, whether it be cultural patrimonial or other.
Meet in Mosaic Creek Park (corner of Charles St. and McLean Dr.).

The historic Japanese Hall in Japantown. Photo credit: Waldorfhotelvancouver | Wikimedia Commons

Granville Island – May 2 17
Born from the dredged mud of False Creek, Granville Island started as ‘Industrial Island’ in 1915. Previously a centre supporting heavy industry, by the 1970s new visions and regulations focused on the redevelopment of the False Creek areas, transforming Granville Island into a tourist and artisanal milieu. This spit of land continues to thrive today as a haven for tourists and artists and continuously contributes to the cultural and artistic flavour of the city. Come revisit the past and the present of Granville Island and hear some amazing stories from its history.
Meet in front of Ocean Concrete on Granville Island (1415 Johnson St.).

Japantown – June 20
The once thriving enclave of Japanese-Canadian history is experiencing a rebirth. Neglected since the expulsion of its Japanese-Canadian residents during the Second World War, incoming businesses and residents are breathing new life into the area. However, some heritage buildings are feeling the brunt of redevelopment pressures. Explore where industry meets housing, culture meets business, and history meets the future.
Meet at Dunlevy Ave. and Railway St.

The entrance to the Marine Building. Photo credit: Jeff Hitchcock | Flickr

Art Deco Downtown – July 4 August 9
A vivacious implementation of art and design, the Art Deco style exploded worldwide after the First World War. Influencing everything from fashion and marketing to architecture and design, Vancouver was not unaffected and has some fine examples of this impressive style today. Explore the Art Deco style in the downtown core on this tour, ending with a lobby tour of the famous Marine Building on Burrard Street (aka the Fantastic Four’s headquarters and the Daily Planet in Smallville).
Meet on the Christ Church Cathedral patio (Burrard St. and W Georgia St.)

International Style – August 8 30
The International style was born in the 1920s as a leap away from classicism and as an exploration of new forms and lines. Its manifestations grew in multiple directions for several decades, and some products remain more appreciated than others. Learn about the debate and gauge its success for yourself while you walk through some award-winning designs in downtown Vancouver.
Meet at the SW corner of Robson St. and Burrard St.

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