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3 Jan

Tech Tails: Cabaoke

Are you someone who takes a cab ride from time to time? I know that I am and most of the time it’s a cab ride from Whistler to Pemberton. If you have never done that before, it usually takes about 30 minutes and can cost between $60 and $80 (depending on your haggling skills). Usually, I won’t hop in a cab that doesn’t have a stereo because at the end of the night a silent cab ride can be a buzz kill.  Well, after a holiday dinner this past December I had the pleasure of getting into the BEST CAB EVER called Cabaoke.

Their mission is “to spread the love of Cabaoke and have a little fun along the way…” which is exactly what happened. So, at the beginning of our ride the enthusiastic driver was telling us a story that lead into loud music (no words). Next, the computer on the dashboard turned on with the words to the song and the driver began to sing. The three (with the driver, four) of us managed to get five songs in (including some Spice Girls). The driver did not take requests but he did have a story that would lead into each song (don’t worry, he kept them short). If a song came on and we didn’t know the words the driver would transition into a new song. Oh yah, he sings along with you which helps build your confidence.

This is a great way to commute anywhere in Whistler (or to Pemberton).  You may get him at random or you can book him (this is crumpled because I carry it around with me in my jacket pocket):


You can sing at the top of your lungs and you don’t have a bunch of strangers awkwardly gawking at you while you stumble around a song, on stage. The laptop is mounted near the front passenger side and the driver is professional and makes sure you get home safely. It’s a simple but brilliant concept that makes for a fun ride. It’s a great use of technology to spice up something that is generally boring.

I made a video of us but after hearing how golden my voice is, I’m choosing to not wound your ears. You want to see people having fun while in this magical cab, check out these pictures taken from their Facebook Page and notice all of the fun that these people are having:

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This is what the cab looks like (the only picture from their Facebook Page):



I believe this is the next best thing to the Cash Cab and I really hope you can experience this wonderful ride! Don’t let their website or Facebook Page fool you into thinking they are unprofessional. They may not have the marketing to back them up but the idea sells itself. The driver does have a meter and does not charge your extra, so why not sing, sing, sing all the way home?

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