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21 Apr

Terri Tatchell’s Vancouver Favourites

Award-winning screenwriter of such impactful films as District 9, Terri Tatchell balances out her intense, often gory sci-fi scripts as co-owner of whimsical Neverland Tea Salon. Situated in Vancouver’s Kitsilano neighbourhood, fairytale-inspired Neverland pays homage to classic stories like Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland while serving up decadent tea service, delicious brunch and “tipsy” tea-inspired cocktails.


Terri graduated from Vancouver Film School in 2001. She dove into the screenwriting arena in 2006 with Adicolor Yellow, a short action film helmed by her husband Neill Blomkamp. Terri and Neill also co-wrote District 9, which earned a Bradbury Award and several nominations for the Academy Awards, Golden Globes and BAFTAs.

Currently, Terri is completing the script for Apocalypse Now Now, an adaption of the sci-fi novel by Charlie Human (check out the teaser here), and developing Leona Gom’s The Y Chromosome for television. She is also writing a series of children’s picture books that call attention to endangered and misunderstood animals (Dik Dik Wants to Party; Aye Aye Gets Lucky; and Pee-Ew Pangopup).

Terri shared with us her must-do Vancouver experiences:

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